In your smile I see the sun
My favorite flower in full bloom
So pretty must be your smile
That lights up your face
That lights up my world

Your smile it shines so bright
It lights up your eyes to sparkle like diamonds
So bright I had to blink
And look again only to see it’s very real
And so contagious I have to smile

And in my smile you see the sun
Because your smile then gets even brighter
If that’s even possible
So I will call it a reflection
Of happiness
Utter joy if you must
Cause In that one moment we light up our lives

And with our smiles we speak a thousand words
Of friendship, love and companionship
Of stolen days, hours and minutes
Filled with mischief, tears and trials
Oh what memories does our smile make

And with our smiles our friendship bear
Fruitful to us we hold it dear
Cause in our smiles we see the sun

 By: Aleah Charlemagne

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