Carnival… Causing a Scene!

Carnival has come and gone. After waiting for what seemed like forever, those two days of bliss are now history, but the memories are alive and well in the minds and hearts of the thousands who jumped, and will always be treasured.

This year, (like every other), came with a few ups and downs. Some bands were not able to deliver what was promised at the final hour and as a result, hearts were broken. In the end, however, carnival got rid of all broken hearts and replaced sadness and anger with sheer bliss. ‘The Dennery Segment’, local power soca and others proved to be the perfect therapy for the self-proclaimed feterholics.

On Carnival Monday and Tuesday, (July16-17), revellers came out to play mas,looking like a million dollars and from sun up to sun down, they jammed, declaring their love for a festival, that was oh so dear to them. On that day strangers and even rivals were the best of friends. Love was the mantra and the destination was wherever their hearts took them.

On Monday revellers had the time of their lives and on Tuesday they did it all again.

Thirteen bands participated in this year’s parade namely Asari Tribe, Fuzion Mas, Insaniti, Insomeil, Just 4 Fun, Legends,Looshan Revellers, Meltdown XD, Phoenix, Red Unlimited, Royalites xTreme, Taboo and The Tribe of Twel.

Band of the Year
Winner- Tribe of Twel
Second Place- RoyalitesxTreme
Third Place- Fuzion Mas
Fourth Place- Asari Tribe
Road March
Winner- Nassis and Krome- ‘Bend Dong for de Hmm’
Second Place- Soca Psycho- ‘Pitchfork’
Third Place- Ezra D’ Fun Machine- ‘X’

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