If you depend on people’s validation for your progression, your regression has already started

If you depend on people’s validation for your progression, then my friend your regression has already started. Wise words that speak volumes to you and me. How many of us have submitted to the naysayers of the world? You have been tasked to doing a specific project and in your mind and also the mind of the person who trusted you with the responsibility, you have done well. However, there is someone or a group of people who makes it their duty to verbally attack your work and sometimes you as an individual.

It is human nature to feel aggrieved when criticized but a part of us that needs to be controlled is the amount of negativity we let into our lives. When someone praises us we feel good about ourselves and rightfully so. When some have been extremely critical of that same job, we tend to forget how well we were complimented and all our energy is focused on the negative.

Young people, this weekend there is a reason I chose not to focus on carnival as my Slouch. As we peruse this issue reminiscing about the vaval and the fetes, I know somewhere, someone reading this is in need of this message and what better time to present it than now.

Many of you on summer vacation right, are dealing with depression caused by the things you read about yourselves online or things said to you in person. You must never let the dark powers of an individual, a hater, a pessimist, heck, the “fan”, dim your light. Never allow them the power to create blockades on the road to success.

I know the in- thing maybe is to say something negative about someone in order to draw a reaction; a reaction either from the person that is being attacked or other undesirables like the attacker who proceed to like, share and comment.

Take it from me, the best and easiest way to deal with such forces is by saying thanks for your advice and move on. Never battle a person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views because that individual is going to severely drain off your good energy. The type of energy that you need to continue spreading around your circles.

For too long I have seen young people, and older ones too, fall victims to persons whose only wish is to be in the exact situation that they always seem to find fault with. That’s right! They only want to be like you. That’s why they are such a fan. If that wasn’t the case then please tell me why would they have your every move as their primary concern?

Again I apologize for not giving you the regular carnival review but I felt this Slouch had to be done this weekend.

Have a great one ya’ll and God bless.


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