Jasonus’ Story: Tears, Heartache and Victory!

Image of Jasonus St Catherine

Jasonus St Catherine

Jasonus St Catherine is not your average guy. He easily stands out from a crowd and has a larger than life personality, which frankly, is not appealing to some, but those who know him, embrace all that he is.

He’s a free-spirited being, who lives by his own rules.Though he is misunderstood by many, the 19-year-old, who hails from Vieux Fort, still, is unapologetically himself at all times. Behind his smile, however, are many emotional scars and fortunately this young man lived to tell his story.

According to Jasonus, “the past doesn’t determine your future.”

Life wasn’t easy for him. As a child, he endured more than any child should, but was determined to push through.

“My mother left me when I was very young. I was raised by my great-grandmother and my uncle helped out as well. One day when I came home from school, I was in grade four at the time I think, I noticed my grandmother wasn’t there; I was told that she was at the airport and was going to England,” he said, adding, “that’s when the disaster began—when the plane flew off I started crying because I knew my life would change.”

He started living with another family member shortly after, and like he suspected, life changed dramatically, within a short space of time.

“Living with the individual was a devastation.I had my little brother as well andhe was constantly mistreated; we both were. I cried a lot. My mother and grandmother sent items from overseas and we were not allowed to touch anything. On top of that, I had a million house chores; it broke me down a bit,” he said emotionally.

After writing the Common Entrance Examinations, he moved to the Micoud Secondary School and later, Ciceron Secondary School.Unfortunately, he had a hard time at both schools. His troubles at home affected his grades significantly and Jasonus, who once excelled academically, slowly went down the drain.

“That was a very hard time for me because it’s like your parents are in other countries and you’re going through all these struggles. My godmother Mellissa Ambrose-Mondesir and her mother helped me a lot. She got a bus contract for me and everything was going good, but a bad experience, however, brought me down again. I lost my contract as I did not maintain the required grade point average (GPA),” he said, adding that he constantly missed out on school and that his father assisted as much as he could.

The teen later moved to another household where he was also mistreated. After moving from house to house at a tender age, he finally found a place to call home; his aunt, Fera St Catherine Charles, took him as her own.

Jasonus, who was bullied, tortured, and who once thought suicide was the only option, hopes to inspire others with his story.

“I want individuals to pray and remain focused; if negativity comes your way, maintain a positive attitude. Suicide or running away is not the answer. Sit, think about the situationand pray; you can also talk to someone,” he advised.

Jasonus’ story is one of sheer will.

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