Live in Colour: A Movie

Life in colour is always better and with Live N Colour we get to see a movie in its rainbow like glory.

On Saturday July 28, thousands made their way to Pigeon Island, well-equipped for the powder themed event. Attendees were decked out in shower caps, caps, rags, masks, visors and sunglasses and were eager to party from sundown to sun-up.

An all-star DJ cast which included DJ’s like Levi Chin and Selector Twist, catered to attendees musical wants and needs throughout. With the right music blaring through the atmosphere and friends surrounding them, for many, it was the perfect night.

Water, powder and paint brought the atmosphere to life, and from the front row, it truly looked magical.

Some left the event early in the morning, as they partied way too hard, but the stronger ones stayed till it was all over.

Many attendees came from far to be a part of the epic event. By morning, every single individual was dishevelled andcovered in paint and powder. For most, it was all worth it and made the event even more memorable.

The event received mixed reviews online the following day, however. Some individuals complained about the number offights, whilst someTwitter users expressed that the abundance of water and lack of powder, was frustrating and dubbed the Verve event a “wet fete.” Others, however, stated that they received every bit of their monies worth.

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