The past few days for many students have been life changing

The past few days for many students have been a life changing experience. For some, they will be wearing a smile on their faces for the next few weeks, while for others there will be a much despondent feeling as they move toward the month of September. It will be remiss of me if I don’t identify the selected few who will have the carefree attitude but these we will save for another Slouch because I don’t think I have enough paper in the magazine to address them.

For the past five years, if the narrative remains the same, I am certain that you were reminded time and time again about the importance of a sound education. Your teachers, parents and sometimes your friends would scold into your brain why passing your CSEC examinations would assist in a seamless entry to a tertiary level education. Some of you heeded the good advice and you studied and practiced for hours. You even became a tourist to your friends as hanging out was not at the top of your list of priorities.

Your hard work ultimately paid off as your grades from the May/June examinations were exemplary of the sacrifices that you made. You should feel proud of yourself and of your accomplishments. Gaining passes in all your subjects, including those that were most challenging,gives you this priceless and satisfactory feeling of accomplishment. You’ve worked hard and you deserve all the praises that will be bestowed upon you.

In a few weeks you are going to be in a totally new environment where the rules are different and if you aren’t ready, it will consume you. College life is different; very different. You will find out quickly that if you aren’t ready for challenges then this is not for you. You will also realize that distractions can have you lose your way quicker than the Stars lose wickets. Be ready, stay focused!

For others who studied and weren’t as successful as their peers, I know you might be feeling down and defeated; take it from me, the battle has not been lost. I know of successful individuals who had to retake these same exams three or four times before they got the grade they were happy with. You still have chances to right the wrongs and I implore you to go for it and beat it. Never mind how many people look down on you because your friends are in college and you aren’t, you have a goal to meet and you are going to accomplish it, successfully.

This is where I end the Slouch for this weekend. Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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