The recently held event Live “N” Colour

Scady P

The recently held event Live “N” Colour, which we had the opportunity to cover as our main feature, has been on the tips of tongues and fingers for the past seven days now. Put together by the Verve team, the event was to feature much water and powder married with pulsating rhythms provided by the islands hottest deejays.

Thousands flocked to the Pigeon Island beach to basically take in the final big event of the carnival season. The horror stories that surfaced the day after, would have the inexperienced party goer to thinking that the event was a blob of nuclear activity that exploded the minute the gates were opened. From status updates to videos on social media sites one would without a doubt be left with more questions that I’m sure wouldn’t be answered.

The footage of young women throwing up, urinating in the open, fightingand the scary scene of a possible assault and the comments that landed under these posts left me baffled. It appeared that individuals would rather blame the event’s promoters, for what persons did out of their own freewill, as opposed to calling out their friends who had been irresponsible feters.

Let’s not pretend that the majority of individuals we saw were children; they weren’t. They were women and men of legal drinking age who quite obviously had a bit too much. I’m not saying that you can’t go out and have fun, but folks,we have to be responsible. First of all I don’t expect anyone below the legal age to be consuming any alcoholic beverage. If you are old enough to drink, then by George, you should be old enough to know when you have had enough.

Your friends also play a pivotal role in your wellbeing at a party and if they don’t understand that then you need you some new friends. A friend should never allow you to get so wasted that you can’t even walk straight.

The dangers of you being drunk at a party are insurmountable and to go over them all would require me more paper space which sadly I haven’t been cleared for. I, however, am sure you can list a few of your own, with the dreaded date rape being on the top of list.

In some instances folks we have to be our brother’s keeper. Sometimes we have to check for each other the same way we check for ourselves.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Kendell “Scady” Euegene

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