Welcome to Mercury

Thousands of music lovers attended the first ever Mercury Fest which was held last weekend.

The two-day beachside festival which catered to both Saint Lucian and French audiences featured two major headliners: French rapper Kalash (August 10) and Jamaican dancehall star Popcaan (August 11). The big names lured many to Pigeon Island including thousands of French nationals.

On Saturday we made our way down to Pigeon Island to be a part of an ‘epic’ event; a line of yachts on the blue sea, palm trees, ‘promo’ girls, bikini bombshells, cabanas and music from elite DJs created the right atmosphere; a foam area was welcomed by many attendees who needed to cool down desperately as the sun was almost unforgiving that day.

Female attendees turned heads with their colourful, fashionable outfits; the bikinis and ‘cover ups’ were perfect for the Mercury scene and photographers were eager to capture it all. A number of male attendees kept it cool with trendy summer outfits, whilst others opted for a simpler look.

For some, Mercury was all about the experience: the music, foam, beach, performances and fun with friends. Others were solely focused on seeing Popcaan.

The artiste arrived shortly after 8:00 p.m. and was greeted by ear piercing screams, flashing lights, and phones, which would capture his performance throughout the night, as attendees wanted others to know that they too, attended the highly anticipated event.

Popcaan, who had been to Saint Lucia on several occasions, and who seemingly loved the culture, performed a slew of his hits including ‘Jah Knows’, ‘Dream’, ‘Ravin’, ‘Up Inna Di Club’, ‘Inviolable’ and ‘My Type’. The artiste performed for quite a while and many sang along as he performed. Some were clearly unimpressed with the artiste’s performance, however, as it was clearly not his best offering. Popcaan seemingly rushed through his set, but thankfully gave his all when he performed songs like ‘Dream’ and ‘Jah Knows’ (a heartfelt goodbye song which many fans can relate to.) Overall, however, the performance from the artiste was mediocre.

Those who partied hard and who enjoyed themselves throughout the day, most likely would deem the event a success, however, those who came solely to see Popcaan, may say otherwise.
The turnout for the inaugural event was surely impressive and indicates that there is a bright future ahead for Mercury Fest.

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