Can’t We All Just Get Along??

By Basic B

I have one simple question: can’t we all just get along?! It seems like every day there’s some mess on The Shade Room and after that Nicki Minaj/Cardi B Fashion Week fiasco, (don’t even get me started on that…) it seems like there is a need for a purge. (Call your grandmomma, we need this remedy ASAP!)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me some drama. Nothing gets me going like some piping hot tea, but there are timeswe just need to put the games aside and grow up. We need to learn when something is “cute” and when we’re just way too old to be playing games.

We need to learn how to handle our business like adults (for our older readers) and our teens need to learn that maturity is attractive. If you have a problem with someone, sit them down and have a conversation. Stop with the subs!! (Threats aren’t cute either, c’mon!)

So many relationships end prematurely all because persons were not mature enough to have a conversation. “Oh so you said this about me? Ok, bye!”

Find out why sis said that man. Secondly, was this even true? Thirdly, sis may be wrong, but what about those times you were wrong? What about forgiveness?

Now I know some will argue that some people push our limit. I concur; however, sometimes we never even reach that “breaking point” stage and we turn our backs. A lot of us like to play “two can play that game” but deep down, this game affect us all. What’s the point of playing this game when your heart is literally hurting? Pick up the phone, send a message or make that call! “Why does it have to be me?” you ask.Sis, sometimes that’s just the way it is. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person when other people can’t be.

Stop using that #grownwoman hashtag just because you can. How about you mean it next time?

Many relationships fail too because people prefer throwing shade on social media, rather than manning up, or WOMANING up and telling the person “it” as it is. Sometimes there’s no need to approach the person in an aggressive manner; you can calmly state your point. Sometimes, however, you need to turn things up a notch and get that load off your chest.

Terminating all relationships just because you had a minor issue with a friend, family member, colleague or love interest, is not the way to go.

Also please don’t act like you’re about “that life” on Facebook and dodge people in the streets when you see them. Sometimes people like taking on the role of internet gangster just so they can look cute in front of their friends, however, they don’t actually mean what they say. Learn that some people will approach you and get you all the way together!

Now those of you who mean what you say online and want to take it to the streets… This is not cute. It’s not. Too many times we applaud this behaviour only to cry later on when someone gets hurt.

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