Many individuals possess hidden talents

Many individuals possess hidden talents. Some individuals dance effortlessly when they’re at home, as most times, there is no audience. Some individuals sing beautifully, but most times these divine sounds don’t go beyond the living room or bathroom walls.

Some individuals can bring a blank canvas to life—a dreamy sunset, the curves of a woman, a nightmare, heartache, a stone face expression, or simply a sigh—yes, these individuals can bring all this to life with their eyes closed.

Some individuals pen their thoughts and whatever they have composed turns to gold. Some have the ability to cook up perfection and there are those who can do so much more.

We are all talented, but whilst some individuals choose to show off their talent to the world, others choose to keep theirs to themselves; not because they want to but simply because they’re afraid to let go.

Usually, individuals who fall in the latter category are their biggest and harshest critics, and often, fail to realize just how talented they are.

Fear cripples individuals in so many ways and one day, some wake up and realize it’s just too late. These individuals are now haunted by “What ifs” and when an individual reaches that stage, it’s truly heartbreaking.

Today I’d like to encourage you to step into the unknown. Put yourself out there and make the world see your beauty. I’m sure you’ve thought of the million “what ifs”: “What if I’m not good enough?” “What if they don’t like it?” “What if this just isn’t the best piece to showcase me?” STOP. Give it your best shot—it may not be an excellent shot, but trust me, if you are talented, people will notice whether your first attempt was perfect or not.

Prepare yourself for the worst—if it happens, at least you were prepared; hence, the blow (sometimes) is not as hard. If you failed the first time, get up and try again! Keep in mind that there are people who easily spot your weaknesses and use them against you. Sometimes your ‘best friend’ or cousin tells you no, but…. 100 or 10 strangers tell you yes. Do not let the naysayers get in your way.

Share your talent with the world (despite how daunting it may seem) and the world will give you the answers and they just might be surprisingly good.

Do it today. That small leap just might take you to the place you want to be. Sure, it’s scary to put yourself out there. You know what’s scarier? Being old and grey and realizing you just didn’t have the guts to pursue your dream. Live out loud! Step into the unknown and conquer your fears! Every step will get easier. Trust me on this one! 😉

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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