Nicki Minaj: STILL the QUEEN of Rap (Even After That Album Flop…)

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Nicki Minaj

Kids, shoot your shot. Nicki Minaj just paid for 37 college students’ tuition…and your momma told you that girl was no good… (Lol, don’t quote me on that, we all know Nicki’s not ‘PG’unless she wants to be.)It’s not her first time being ‘the generous queen’ and it won’t be her last time either.

Drama aside, Nicki Minaj has a good heart… I just wish she spent more time cleaning up her image, rather than doing harm to it.The ‘QUEEN’ of rap spends a lot of time throwing shade at Cardi B these days (sis is killing the game!) and throwing jabs at Travis Scott solely because his album outsold hers. Sis, your album flopped, periodttt!Blame your fans; don’t take it out on Travis Kardashian, thanks.

The queen also has her own radio show these days, but again, she uses that platform to bash her peers (amongst other things) and constantly rants like a mad woman on Twitter and does the same in her interviews as well. The truth is the rapper’s throne is being threatened, but rather than flipping the script and doing what no one expects her to do: put an end to the childishness and team up with Cardi for a monster hit, Nicki remains in the same lane, constantly feeding the vultures before her. This queen needs to understand that times are changing and she’s not always going to like the new rules. Like any true queen, Nicki must maintain her composure and should not allow others to see her in a vulnerable position; you simply can’t allow your opponents to see what cards you’re holding.Queens protect their legacy and spiraling out of control is certainly not the way to do so. (I don’t make the rules; if you call yourself the ‘queen’ you have to act like it.)

This femcee needs to realize there is room for other female rappers. (Why can we have a million male rappers but the minute another talented female rapper enters the game, it’s a problem?) In the words of Ms. Minaj herself, “hang it up, flat screen!” Sure you can argue that Nicki collaborated with Trina and Foxy Brown… oh you mean two rappers who aren’t relevant anymore? Cool. A collaboration with a true ‘opponent’ would show others that the queen is not threatened, periodttt!

A hot new female rapper entering the game will not strip you of all the titles you’ve earned Ms. Minaj. No one can touch that! (Two diamonds can shine at the same time honey.) True, Cardi B has gotten not one, but TWO Billboard Hot 100 number ones since she debuted (this all happened in less than two years) and Nicki, who has been in the game for over 10, has yet to do the same. Still, it does not take away from the queen’s greatness; Nicki’s impact is undeniable. Sure, Cardi’s the “it girl” at the moment but when it comes to naming some of the best female emcees of all time, Miss Minaj is right there in the top five. OKUUURT?!

By: Basic B

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