Schreffler Bares It All: Unemployment, Alcohol, Enemies and Faith

Image of Schreffler Germal Maxwell

Schreffler Germal Maxwell

Schreffler Germal Maxwell’s back at it again with another heartfelt tune, arguably, his most personal offering to date. TheMicoud singer who brought us tunes like ‘True Father’ and ‘We Will Rise’, reflects on various life experiences on his latest single ‘Staff’ and it’s brutally honest: “Jah you keep me in the midst of my enemies,” he mourns on the chorus, baring it all and laying it at the foot of the cross.

He’s yearning for something more; something deeper; something sincere. The 32-year-old knows that he can’t find what he desires in man, but in God, who will never steer him in the wrong direction. Being transparent isn’t easy for most artistes, as their troubles are now up for discussion, but their trials and tribulations normally bring out the best in them, and on ‘Staff’ this rings true.

“I was going through a tough time; I had some people in my circle who I thought were really for me but they turned out to be the opposite. I used to think there is no way that I have enemies but I found out that we all do,” he said, adding, “we don’t have to hate them or treat them the same way they treat us, but the fact remains that we do have people who are not there for our good.”

The artiste who recently lost his job admitted that unemployment took a toll on him; Schreffler soon turned to alcohol though he knew that drinking would not solve his problems.

“After I lost my job it really broke me. Though I knew better, I tried to drink the pain away, but that did not help because everything resurfaced when the high was gone. I decided to just trust God and channel my pain through my music instead,” he said.

He continued: “I went to the studio one night and the producer just placed the mic in front of me, played the music and I just sang. Thankfully he recorded it and this was the result; itwas not written on paper but I guess it was written on my heart.”

The end result was amazing.

Schreffler hopes listeners will connect with ‘Staff’. According to him, his goal as an artiste is to share his music with the world, with the hope that it will encourage many and point them to the truth.

“This is a time where many are hurting and are looking and searching for hope amidst the clutter of life. I pray that I am used by God to channel hope and bring joy and true happiness; to always be true in my music and to be transparent. I am praying that I do the will of God as He continues to guide me,” the young musician said.

Says Schreffler: “It does not matter where we are or who we are: there are always elements trying to bring us down.The devil,although some don’t believe he exists, is like the prime suspect. God, however, keeps us no matter what the devil or whoever allows him to use them, to try to hold us back does. I want people to know that even when disappointments come our way, and even when we have those around us trying to bring us down, God keeps us and He always has a greater plan.”