The wonders and joy of completing your first week of school

The wonders and joy of completing your first week of school. It never gets old. Taking photos, uploading them on the gram or Facebook so we can see the determination in your faces to succeed. There is hardly anything wrong with showing off your new uniform to the world, in fact the only negative I can deduce from the attention seeking move is if you’re only concerned about how you look and not how well you do academically.

Over the past few weeks I have been praising the students who were successful in their exams and have now transitioned to new schools. I did so because I knew first-hand the pressures one felt whenever they tackle an examination room. It is not always the best feeling in the world and some of us are so flustered that we forget everything that we had learnt. Being able to conquer such a battle deserves all the plaudits one can get and we will continue to dish them out.

With that said, it was only while I was on Instagram, watching a few stories that I realized I left out a very important group of students. These students are normally the ones, as you can see, go unnoticed because they honestly choose to stay in the shadows and let their success do the talking. I have to acknowledge the hard working, diligent students who are going to school full time and working some long hours in order to fund their education.

I’m sure we all suffer from the “where did the night go” syndrome. Waking up on a morning is usually a task. We still feel tired and two or three more minutes with the pillow is all we ask for. Can you imagine yourself waking up early on a weekday morning to get to school on time after you have put in a five hour shift the night before? Some of us wouldn’t survive a full term or semester, but we have students burning the candle on both ends and we’re sending props to them; especially those who deliberately took persons by surprise.

Enjoy your weekend ya’ll and ensure you have a productive school term. Always do your best and success, will find you.

God bless,


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