When we’re young we tend to take our parents for granted

When we’re young we tend to take our parents for granted (some of us at least,) but as we get older we appreciate our parents more, as we realize that they’re part of life’s best gifts.

Some of you may still be in that rebellious stage, but eventually you will become wiser. For some parents, that rebellious stage is the worst, as they are constantly insulted and taunted by seemingly ungrateful children, who live carefree lives. (Hang in there parents, it gets better.)

Not too long ago, I was lying on my couch, binge-watching one of my favourite shows. It was a ritual I enjoyed so when I was disturbed by a phone call, I was somewhat annoyed. On any other day, I would welcome a call from my mother, but on that particular day, I simply wanted to spend time with my television.

I soon realized that this call was not a short call and I was eager to get off the phone. I barely listened as she spoke and after realizing this, she said goodbye. I quickly grabbed the remote, happy to be caught up in some scripted drama once more, when it hit me: I was rude.

It soon dawned on me that one day, I too would have kids, and that I (undoubtedly) would be hurt if this was done to me.

My mother had been there for me a million times. When I was unhappy, she would listen to me go on and on about whatever was plaguing me and after I vented, she would offer sound advice that always calmed me down.

When I was happy, she would share my delight and listened attentively as I revealed details about a fruitful occasion. When I was angry, she would listen as I cried my eyes out, and again, would calm me down, offering more words of wisdom.

My mother had always been there for me and even on the rare occasions when she was too busy and couldn’t stay on the line, I was okay, as I knew that she had listened a million times before and would contact me later on.

I called back a few seconds after, sheepishly apologizing for the above mentioned. She didn’t have to say it: I knew deep down, it meant a lot to her.

These things may seem so trivial to some, but it’s only when we’re on the receiving end that we realize they’re not so trivial after all.

Parents go through a lot just so we can flourish and sometimes they even keep themselves back: they may turn down an exciting job opportunity, or will skip lunch just so we can go on that exciting school trip, or pay for next semester’s tuition. Most parents love their kids wholeheartedly and would easily put their lives on the line for that child.

Thus, the least we can do is be mindful of our behaviour: the way we treat them; the things we do and say to them. Remember “thank you” and “I love you” go a long way. Remember also, to show just how much you love them too; saying “I love you” alone, just isn’t enough.

That’s all for now my loves, do take care.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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