When you steal from someone, you rob yourself of God’s many blessings

Rae A.

When you steal from someone, you rob yourself of God’s many blessings. Think about it: have you ever seen a ‘happy’ thief? ‘Happy’ sure, for two seconds (not literally of course), but one would be hungry and feel the need to steal once more when they just sold someone’s $2000.00 TV for $200!

A thief (or thieves) entered a loved one’s place recently and I can’t tell you how annoyed I was. The individual works hard like many of us, so the mere thought of some lazy person stealing from that person, angered me. ‘Funny enough’ turns out that the individual who was on the receiving end of the theft, was not upset, but prayed that God would change thethief/thieves heart(s). (That was not my first thought! Ha.)

Maturity, however, teaches you to ‘kill’ others with kindness’ and treat others well even when they have wronged you. Maturity also teaches you to sometimes place others before you.

The mere thought of having to pray for an individual to change when they just stole from you can be upsetting. Sometimes we wish the worst for that individual; nothing more, nothing less! “Yes, Lord, burn him in the fire!” (That sort of thing.) However, we don’t want these same thieves to take from us again and again and we don’t want these thieves to steal from our neighbours or anyone else for that matter either. (Even when you despise your neighbour or another individual, you should not wish the worst on them.)

The funny thing is most thieves are never worried about those they steal from. They see persons with an ‘Audi’ so they assume they’re rolling in cash, when the truth is sometimes these people struggle and work hard to pay their loans. They see individuals with big houses and they assume that these individuals are “rich”. Living in a fancy house does not make one “rich” (some of these cupboards are empty too) and even if these individuals are rich, others have no right to steal from them!

Even then, (yes, even then) we have to pray for these individuals because then, God blesses you. Don’t resort to voodoo, or go to the ‘gadé’ for individuals to ‘stick in that.’ God will act on your behalf when He’s ready and trust me the individual will feel the burn. Some will change for the better because of this and unfortunately, others will not.

When you encounter disappointments or setbacks, refrain from grumbling (I know it’s hard) but God is watching and if you respond the right way, He will bless you tenfold. You may not see it now, but your blessings are already on the way. Believe and God will see you through.

Remember kids, when you commit bad acts, ‘karma’ comes back to you and when it comes, it’s not pretty. If you need something, ask someone; don’t let pride get in the way. One person may turn you down, but the tenth person just may give you all that you need and so much more.

Have a good weekend my loves.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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