Women in Science: Kernya Charles

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Kernya Charles

I am 18 year old, Kernya Charles of Saltibus, Choiseul who graduated from the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School A-Level Department this year.Selection of Environmental Science as one of my CAPE subjects cultivated and nurtured my interest in Science. Throughout my secondary education at the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School, Science had never been an interesting field of study in my opinion.I was unaware of its processes such as labs and experiments or tests.  Then, I wasstrictly a business student. However, my desire for change and wanting to attain a wider perspective on life and the world led to my selection of Environmental Science when I applied to A Level. Added to this the business sector appears to be saturated, resulting in my fear of limited job opportunities.Environmental well-being has also been a venture that is near to my heart. It is for this reason that I hope to join organizations such as the Saint Lucia National Trust and volunteer with Forestry Departmentin the near future.

In addition, in selecting the subject, it has provided me with many opportunities where I can be part of a change in the environment; one of which includes going around the island to reserved mangrove forests and conducting tests. An example of this was our use of the La Motte Kit, to determine water quality of water sample from various sites.It has also allowed me to meet new people and partner with organizations, who promote sustainable development and preservation of St. Lucia’s biodiversity.

Furthermore, Science has provided me with opportunities to participate in Science Fairs. In 2017, my group and I created a machine called Sea-Scrape, which aimed to collect plastic bottles on the ocean’s surface, compact them and store them. This project was awarded third place in the National Schools’ Science Fair.This year we were determined to attain the first place prize in the robotics division with our newest technology called Re-Bin.

Also, as an Environmental Science student, it has brought me to a point where I can also encourage other students to choose it; through a group my colleagues and I established called Contagious Science Intelligence (CSI). We currently have 32 members and promote science in every field and have taken up many projects in our school to keep promoting the science subjects and improving our school environment.  Such projects include partnering with Jua Kali Ltd. for collection of plastic bottles in our school and exchange with Massy Store for points. Those points were used to purchase paints to repaint our labs.

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