Youth Speaks – Dennery Segment: Modern Day Calypso

Saint Lucia, the place we are fortunate enough to call home, is indeed a rich island. Yes, rich in culture, talent and beauty, to name a few. I am proud to be Saint Lucian and with that said, I would like to share with you one of my many reasons. Come with me as I delve into the Soca movement and its subgenres here in Saint Lucia.

Firstly, I would like to commend every single individual involved in the music or entertainment industry. More specifically: those Saint Lucians who make the industry a lot more relatable. Without such amazing contributions, it sure would’ve been a dull world. A party cannot be a party without music and there’s no way it can be ‘lit’ without Soca music.

Secondly, the two prevalent subgenres of Soca, Groovy and Power Soca, are improving tremendously here in Saint Lucia. Annually, the bar is being raised higher, proven by the quality of music and performance after every Soca Monarch Competition. There are quite a few artistes contributing to the Groovy and Power Soca such as Ricky T, Q Pid, Arthur, Imran Nerdy, Sedale, Shemmy J, Teddyson John, Michael Robinson, Brandon Harding, and the list goes on.

Thirdly, we have a genre known only to Saint Lucia, my favourite: the Dennery Segment. Dennery Segment, also known as Lucian Kuduro, has moved from one of the most hated group of songs nationwide to one of the most loved subgenres of Soca internationally. So many big names areinvolved such as Motto, who has taken his songs and the entire Dennery Segment genre across the globe. Other talented artistes have really carried this genre a long way and done us proud. A few of which who were on the Dennery Segment tour in the US, namely Freezy, Umpa, Ezra, Subance and Mighty, Blackboy, Miigos and Mata, Mac11, Cooyah, Big Sea, Nassis & Krome and Shemmy J. Moreover, a few may argue that there is nothing to be proud of as it carries no meaning, however, I vehemently disagree. In my opinion, the entire production of both the instrumentals and the lyrics, are rooted to our culture. I see the Dennery Segment as a modern day version of Calypso as it entails the use of pun and is relative to our everyday lives. There are a lot more growing groups and artistes contributing significantly to the Segment such as Vyé Twizeen Boys, Yung Vic and Multi Music etc. (Be sure to check them out.)

Finally, we have persons of many talents contributing to this Soca genre and the music or entertainment industry. There are the likes of Sir Lancealot, Hollywood HP, DJ Cue,Kiedel Sonny and many more. Big up to all those who are part of the music and entertainment industry; DJs, artistes, photographers, videographers, producers, ghostwriters, musicians, promoters, radio stations, etc. They all are making living life a lot easier. With that I urge you to support local.

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