Chenoa Evans: Aiming for the Top

Image of Chenoa Evans

Chenoa Evans

I recently interviewed 17-year-old Chenoa Evans, a talented volleyball player. In the interview, the teen who is currently a student at the International School of Saint Lucia, shared why she gravitated to the sport and more.

“It’s surprising, I actually hated volleyball,” the teen recalled.

She continued: “I first got into volleyball at St Joseph’s Convent where a teacher called Mr Stuart Albert introduced me to the sport. After being introduced, two months later I found myself being on the Saint Lucia National Volleyball Team.”

Listening to her words made me understand that the goal of playing is to understand players you deal with—not just on a face to face level, but also to understand the mannerisms and mentality of these players.

According to the athlete, “I’ve learnt that a clear understanding of what is being executed must be known in order to be good at what is being done. With the understanding of the game I have right now, I could play players twice my age and still leave undefeated.”

Image of Chenoa Evans

Chenoa Evans

Chenoa said the process of becoming who she is today was a really hard one. There were several changes she had to make in order to be who she is today.

She explained that having the know-it-all mentality and being stubborn doesn’t help propel one. She has discovered that it is better to have an open mind and embrace correction, and that one should always be willing to learn and ready to try.

With this new mentality she found herself reaping many rewards like being captain of her team.

“Being captain has taught me loads of leadership skills and also allowed me to play in many different positions like middle blockers, power, and off power positions,” Chenoa said.

Volleyball once presented many challenges for the young athlete. In the past, the teen would neglect her school work; she also had difficulty balancing her work and training. (She had a number of painful injuries as well.)

Despite this, volleyball opened up Chenoa’s mind.

Image of Chenoa Evans

“Volleyball became positive. It gave me a certain sense of maturity by allowing me to develop and balance school and training. My current goal is to become a professional player,” she said.

The athlete explained that time management is the key to excel in any aspect of life, especially in sports.

She added that volleyball granted her the opportunity to meet many different people, (like her best friend) and also allowed her to have a great understanding of her own self.

According to her, the court is where she got to make loads of memories and learn life lessons and she is thankful to God for it all.

“I’d like to encourage others to be themselves and do whatever makes them happy; always continue pursuing your goal no matter what the circumstances may be,” she said in closing.

By Keisia Bernard

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