Deejays Synergized!

By K.J.E

Battle tested, ready, that was the expression on many faces as the most anticipated summer competition was about to bring its curtains down. On Sunday September 23rd all arguments were settled and two champions were crowned at the annual summer long D.J. competition, Heineken Green Synergy. The grand finals culminated a series of bar stops and a lone semi-finals contest that gave Synergy fans throughout the island a taste of the talent that has been brewing for the past month.

The finals saw lovers and followers of the competition flock to the home of Green Synergy, Fond D’or Heritage Park.  This year patrons weren’t only treated to skilled mixes, scratching and off the cusp clashing, the deejays and organizers introduced a new segment to the skills competition. Each skill deejay in addition to impressing the crowd and judges with their ability to mix, juggle, beat match, scratch and the like had to incorporate a live set into their repertoire.

That saw the exciting parings of DJ Snow with Rashaad (saxophonist/vocalist), DJ Cue with Gigi (female Dennery Segment artiste), DJ Swall – I with Imran Nerdy (Soca Artiste), KerbzExstatic with Hip Hop artiste Yung Homie , defending champion X Factor with Freezy (Dennery Segment), DJ Nedley – Fast Lane & Pablo (Dennery Segment), DJ Coolie – Prospere (Dennery Segment), DJ T-Boog – Sergie (Soca Artiste), Fusionist Atta – Maxwell (Reggae Singer), DJ Omega – Arthur (Groovy Soca Monarch) and wildcard entrant DJ Vaze- Ezra (Soca Artiste).

A reward of EC$18,000 cash and prizes awaited the top deejay and knowing  this the Skills competitors pulled out all stops. A thrilling, entertaining and at times jaw- dropping Skills Segment, included deejays like T-Boog displaying his mixing abilities blind folded, D.J. Cue hanging from the Heineken branded trusts and “morphing” into Michael Jacksonwhile moonwalking into a mix and defending champion X-Factor who wowed the audience from the onset with his grand entrance as he was ushered onto the stage on the shoulders of two of his supporters. The champ’s superb beat juggling, while transforming some of our favourite beats on his trusted turntables (not the Technics he goes against the 1200s norm) sent the audience in a frenzy. X-Factor’s set was enough to keep him on top of the Skills Segment as he was adjudged winner of that competition and D.J. Cue, second place.

A few of the new deejays (D.J. Coolie especially) seemed un-phased by the bright green lights evidently cementing their names into core of the only event dedicated to the promotion of deejays.

The ever exciting Clash followed the Skills Segment and that brought an already lively Fond D’or crowd into rapture. This year’s competitors were Twinz of Twinz, Hot Skull Entertainment, DJ Rufus, DJ Deal, DJ Legend, DJ Shabba, DJ Ropey, DJ Wayne, Star Run it Red and the defending champion KerbzExtatic.   The witty come backs and quick fire song selections remain some of the most highly anticipated aspects of the Green Synergy competition and Sunday’s clash didn’t disappoint. In an attempt to dethrone last year’s champion KerbzExtatic, it was clear that the Clash DJs would have to do more than select the regular Dancehall or Soca songs that we had all grown accustom to, in this Green Synergy Clash, any genre goes, and sometimes all you may need is a news clip as Kerbz proved.

For some, the come backs proved too difficult a challenge especially with a very unforgiving and demanding crowd scrutinizing their every move. Others used the blatant jeers as motivation to either defeat their opponent or come back stronger next year. Clash veterans Twins of Twins made it a finals to remember as they battled KerbzExtatic for the right to be called champions, but the defending champ would prove too strong for the brothers. He would finish the job and make it two out of two with a Soca plate from Mantius that sent the crowd, as one would expect “Wild”, capping off a very successful tournament for him.

This year the competiton featured a few guest appearances from DJ’s Watty from Trinidad & Tobago and Mix Master Paulie, former regional Heineken Green Synergy Champion out of St. Maarten. The event was hosted by Heineken brand ambassador Patrick “The Hype-man” of Trinidad & Tobago and MC Donnerville with DJ Chubby as the house DJ.

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