Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Black and Lucian Twitter are all therapeutic

Many of us enjoy spending our time online; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Black and Lucian Twitter are all therapeutic.

When we scroll through our timelines we stumble on all sorts of things; amongst them photos accompanied by captions which read ‘living my best life!’ or… ‘thug life.’

Today we’ll focus on the latter. Many times when males are arrested, or are victims of violence, individuals visit their social media profiles out of curiosity. These victims and criminals, most times, share a few things in common: a love or obsession for gold chains, alcohol, weed, money, gang signs and guns.

It’s easy to get a glimpse of one’s character on social media. The things we post will allow others to get a feel of who we are. Individuals who constantly share motivational posts can be seen as driven individuals. Individuals who focus solely on material things can be viewed as shallow or boastful and individuals who are always cheery can be seen as “nice” individuals. Those who post about guns and drugs may be viewed as lost, problematic or good for nothings.

Our likes and interests can determine or give a glimpse of where we will head in life. Be careful kids. Many of us want to be just like our older negative peers or the artistes we see on our screens or hear on the radio.

It is easy to make mistakes and one will make mistakes in life, that is a fact, but certain mistakes can be avoided. Obtaining guns illegally will eventually get you in trouble. Some young men get guns because they want to show off to their peers. Sometimes they never even had the intention of shooting someone that day, but then a problem arises and just like that, you’re behind bars or on the run all because you made the wrong decision. Sometimes, you seem to have everything under control for a while: perhaps you take life after life and you’re “protected.” One day, the tables will turn and your life could be taken because of your actions. Will it be worth it then?

Do not give into peer pressure; you have the ability to think for yourself, do so and choose wisely. The same ‘friends’ who will encourage you to do the wrong things will turn their backs on you in an instant—don’t be fooled. Remember these aren’t friends to begin with because someone who cares about you will never steer you in the wrong direction. Sometimes the things you do will cause you to go behind bars, or lose your life, whilst these very ‘friends’ are roaming the streets without a care in the world.

Also remember the loveof money can lead you in the wrong direction; a love for money can cause one to do anything to obtain it… be careful. Also ensure that your love for certain kinds of music doesn’t steer you in the wrong direction either. So many times we hear artistes brag about shooting others; do not embrace these suggestions. Rich or poor, you will face the full extent of the law. Celebrities are paying for their crimes—what makes you think you’re untouchable?

Choose the right path kids. (It’s called the right path for a reason!) Be wise my loves.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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