Getting Married: Are You In Love Or Do You Want To Impress Others?

Wedding fever is in the air and I pray I don’t catch it—not yet away.

Who doesn’t love a good love story? Many of us welcome thoughts of us walking down the aisle, looking our best, whilst we say “I do” to our soulmates. Weddings for most, or even the thought of it, can be simply breathtaking.

Before marrying the man or woman of our dreams, we have so much to look forward to and some of us go crazy before our big day!

Today’s piece is geared at young women (older women can learn something from this too though): are you getting married because you love the idea of a wedding or are you truly in love?

Before you respond, note that there’s a BIG difference between lust/infatuation, liking someone and truly loving them. Now: put all your cards on the table. Do you think you could love that individual, or will the individual love you, if the money/material things, looks, and intimacy are taken away?

Wise people often say that you know who your true friends are, or who truly loves you, when you’re sick, or when you’re down and out. Of course, most of us aren’t asking for the worst just to find out, because the worst is so unpleasant at times, but: if the aforesaid misfortune comes into play, will you stick by your partner or will your partner stick by you?

Many individuals rush down the aisle. A number of women will quickly say “I do” after seeing an impressive (or even simple) rock, because planning a wedding is so much fun. (True, things can get extremely hectic at times, but it’s great nonetheless.)

Again, are you getting married because you got a ring? Are you getting married because you loved his big proposal? Are you getting married because you want to impress your Facebook and Instagram followers? Do you want people to scream “goals!” after seeing your wedding pictures on Facebook or are you getting married because you’re truly in love?

The champagne is nice. A three tier cake (or four!) is sublime. A dress to die for… heavenly flowers… make up, hair, nails, being pampered, a pre-wedding getaway with our best girlfriends… Yes, all of that is magnificent; however, if you do not truly love this individual, you’re setting yourself up for the worst.

Marriage is a SERIOUS commitment. Most times couples get married with the honeymoon stage on their mind, but life comes at you fast and the honeymoon stage will quickly be erased. Go to these pre-wedding counselling sessions and take it seriously!

Write down or give thought to the pros and cons. Can you truly live with the individual’s flaws after the honeymoon phase is over? Many individuals also ignore red flags when they’re eager to get married: don’t let this happen to you because you’ll be in for a rude awakening.

To those who aren’t getting married anytime soon: when it come your way,  please take the above mentioned into consideration.

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