I Stand For Botham

Because this race is a cloth,
– -A sole body,like the soul,
– -It mirrors, it reflects,
– -But only the persecuted feel so, and also the victim.

Ominous, unaware unfolding events,
– -But at same feels like schedule known twice,
Dropped and caught on spot, a shadowed darkie, person
– -Acclamation of equal heights, snakes involved.

Time has told, will tell,
– -Switch made, propaganda season!
Nationalism, indigenous pride,
– – Our hope, speared at the justice league.

Hunters of black, ever clear,
Repatriation to the slavery fair,
A story we dare not tell,
– -Otherwise, every pure feels ill placed.

Abolitionists, with a weapon of persistence,
Others, onlookers to the long declared ended battle,
Time, a factor of circumstance,
Exemplary attitude of assonance.

Mr. Black is over the edge now,
Forgotten the days of his living, division,
Strong, so strong shall the black race be,
When even our justice shall be treated with equality.


By: Waylan Didier

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