Perhaps you’ve realized the pastor is not as “Godly” as he seems

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Rae Anthony

If you attend church regularly, or visit a church for the first time, you will notice a number of things. Perhaps you’ve realized the pastor is not as “Godly” as he seems and that a particular ‘Sister’ is not so “holy” after all.

Maybe you’ve noticed that three ‘Sisters’ ahead of you, enjoy gossiping just as much as girls in a classroom, or coworkers in the lunch room. Maybe you recognized that face you saw in a tinted vehicle…

Christians are often reprimanded by non-Christians for their ungodly actions. Many non-churchgoers and non-believers will share that those who are like them, are kinder than any Christian. Some will tell you that many Christians don’t give them a second look when they pass them on the streets in their ‘fancy’ vehicles (you know how the story goes.) Others will tell you that there are Christians who are greedy (and so much more.)

God’s people have come under fire many times and sometimes it’s one or two persons who discourage a non-Christian from entering the house of God. When a handful of Christians participate in ungodly acts, most timesthe entire church is judged. Why? Because all of God’s people should be a reflection of Him.

Of course, that does not mean Christians are perfect and will never fall short. They will—constantly! However, when a Christian continues to participate in a negative act and shows no sign of remorse, it causes others to ponder.

Non-Christians should also note that the church, perhaps, will always have corrupt individuals; some individuals will use the church as a disguise. Remember, however, not everyone who claims to be a Christian is actually God’s servant. There will be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Still, Christians must embrace these individuals and try to bring about positive changes in their lives.

You will find cases where the pastor himself is far from God. We’ve all heard stories about pastors’ using churches’ money to live lavish lifestyles. Note that all pastors are not the same.

Also note that not all churches and Christians are the same. Do not write Christians and the churches off just because one set of people do not practice what they preach. You will be embraced in the ‘right’ church—enter the door before deciding that church is a waste of time.

Perhaps you can call out the corrupt individuals in a church; maybe, just maybe you can bring about change—even if it’s in the life of one person.

Remember people will fail you. God, however, will never fail you. Ask God to direct you in the right path and He will.

Take care my loves.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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