The Power of Not Giving Up: Life in the Eyes of a 17-Year Old

Life is sweet at times and sometimes, it’s unbelievably hard. Some individuals are blessed to have it all, or have enough, but some are not as fortunate. Below, 17-year-old Keisia Bernard shares what life is like from her side of the globe and most importantly, tells you why you should never give up.

Life is funny and filled with different people and different obstacles: obstacles that are sometimes quite difficult to overcome. What I’ve learnt is that God gives His strongest battles to His strongest soldiers and it’s true because I can testify to it. At 17, I have overcome some mighty battles.

Image of Keisia Bernard

Keisia Bernard

Life is oddly very hurtful and amazing at the same time. It’s weird, but it’s the truth and using God in every obstacle,makes it easier and less hurtful to overcome. The comfort that I am looking for is in Him and no one else and even when it’s found in a human being, most times,it’s not permanent: it’s back to being hurt—back to pain and agony!

I am only temporary to almost everyone I know. That’s hurtful, but it’s given me hope of the new coming days; hope of a better life, with less pain.

Pain can’t be wiped out completely. This world is 75% evil, so it would always come, therefore pain will always exist. It starts from friends, family and those whose purpose is to break you. It comes with their gestures, words, actions and what has been started and never continued. Pain is very hurtful and every individual deals with it differently.

If I want to cry, I’ll cry.If in sad moments I want to smile, I’ll smile and no one will tell me differently.If I want to pray and scream out,I will, because I know God will hear.
If I want to change, boost me and allow me to.If I want to die, help me! That’s not the end. Life is too precious; too precious to end because of pain.

It’s disturbing how deceiving a smile maybe. If a smile is shown, you’re happy. Misconception!
A smile is a mask. A beautiful mask used to shield and to lock away pain; a mask no one can explain how to put on with the pain.

Someone once said to me “It’s easy to endure pain.”

I asked “have you ever felt pain—pain that kills you with only one strike?”

“Yes,” she responded.

I asked her to explain further.

She went on to say “Pain feels like bullets being shot over and over into your heart; pain weighs you down; it kills you without realizing.”

Pain and life go hand in hand as far as I could see.Pain defines life and life defines pain. Life for some people is a painless battle, but for some people life is very painful. I’m 17 and life for me, has been like climbing Mount Everest.

Life in the eyes of a 17-year-old: I declare IT’S PAINFUL!!!!!!!

I’ve learnt to live with it, however; to live with the pain and to turn to God. God is amazing! He is alive! We’d better start believing that, because when He starts, He is going to finish. The blessings, the pain and the sorrow all will be gone when He is ready to take you out of the situation.

Image of Keisia Bernard

Keisia Bernard

In order to get there, however, we have to face obstacles: ups and downs, rocky roads and so much more.

It’s surprising how people make comments like:

“You’ll be out of there just keep your eye on the goal.”


“I bet there’s someone out there going through worse than you.”

Yes, it is true! But I’d ask: have you ever stepped in my shoes? Do you know what it feels like to be going through what I’m going through? Are you aware of how much I endure?

If not, then such a statement shouldn’t be, because only when you’re in the present situation you can explain what it feels like.

In the end, tell me to endure; show me how to endure.

I’ve learnt to endure.Alone!

I know I have to. I have to endure, because I cannot, I just cannot give up, for a soldier of God should never give up— just not so easily and especially not to something like pain.

By: Keisia Bernard

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