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Saydia Charles

“Daddy, look it’s a shooting star!” and I would get all energized about it in my toddler years. Then he would say: “My daughter scientificallyit’s called a meteorite and it’s from a much bigger universe beyond your imagination. He would go on to saythe bright flash is called a fireball and this is your shooting star.” I remember him saying meteorites were long ago thought to be cast down as gifts from angels. However,Science has proven that stones could not fall from the clouds or the heavens, and that meteorites were broken bits off asteroids or other planets.

Growing up science theories was always a subject of curiosity and was the foundation of my professional development and personality.

I have been a Civil Engineer for the past 10 years and to date there has never been a dull moment. I currently hold a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of West Indies and the road to Engineering has been rewarding, enlightening and has exposed me to many marvels of science.

Science is the foundation of so many career opportunities from all classes of engineering, forensics, medicine, astrology, agriculture, etc.; life, like science, is all about the journeywith your destination being the reward. One of my favourite ancient Greek philosophers and scientists,Aristotle, quoted:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

This is my mantra;the little you consistently do everyday shapes your optimistic tomorrow. The obstacles will come like anything in this life, however, never lose sight of your dreams, for dreams do become a reality with persistency and hard work. My journey too continues to unfold and there has yet to be a dull moment come what may.

Science is the foundation of our existence; Science is you, past, present and future…

Saydia Charles

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