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Yoga with Aunty Mo

Local yoga instructor Monetta Wilson recently launched her first book, ‘Yoga with Aunty Mo’, a book dedicated to kids. In her book, which she calls her “love letter to children,” Monetta illustrates how they can practice and fall in love with yoga in minutes.

“When I started teaching yoga, the kids were the first ones that I taught. They’re very enthusiastic about yoga but most of them couldn’t afford it so I pursued other opportunities; I always had the kids in the back of my mind however,” Monetta shared in an interview with YO! on Tuesday.

“I was trying to figure out how I could still get the children to get their yoga even if it was not directly from me. In 2015 I developed this programme where I would train teachers to teach yoga in the classroom,so they would have just enough knowledge to share yoga with children. I thought as part of that, it would be nice if the children had a little book they could follow along,” the author said, explaining how ‘Yoga with Aunty Mo’ came to life.

Children of all agesare embracing the book and the best part is even adults too, can follow. It’s a simple guide that everyone can enjoy (even those who never even considered doing yoga.)

The certified yoga instructor’s love for yoga goes way back to 2004.

“I love that it teaches you about yourself; by doing yoga you learn how much you’re capable of. You’ll try something you couldn’t do and after you’ve practiced for a while you’ll be able to do it. It can be something as simple as touching your toes,” she said.

Her young students are eager to practice.

“They love it; it helps them focus and remain calm,” she said, adding that one child shared that her ‘floating on a cloud’ routine, proved to be therapeutic after an argument with her mother.

“She wasn’t mad at her mom anymore,” Monettasaid, chuckling at the amusing story.

To those who describe yoga as “boring” or “complex”, Monetta says: “There are different kinds of yoga. Try different styles—different teachers. It’s not just about the workout— if you learn to do self-observation you will discover it’s not boring at all.”

As for her book which started off as a “stick figure,” the yoga instructor is thrilled that it’s finally here.

“This past summer everything fell into place and now every child in Saint Lucia and even those abroad can be exposed to yoga,” she said eagerly.

Monetta is currently working on bringing other books to life.

According to her, “My next book is in the making. I actually started it before I started the kids’ book. It’s called ‘Five Minutes of Peace: Yoga for Today’s Woman’ and the one after that is called ‘Yoga for the Active Man’. The children have requested another book and they want it longer as well so I’m working on a sequel for them.”

Monetta, a Mon Repos resident, also hopes to get a Yoga in Schools programme off the ground and shared that she ultimately wants to become a yoga therapist.

Soon, the author will go on a book tour.

“I am organizing a virtual book tour from December 12-22. This tour will include blog posts and social media posts from guests, live broadcasts and interviews on blogs and social media and a book review. It will culminate with a giveaway which will be hosted on my website,” she shared.

A lucky winner will walk away with a ‘Yoga with Mo’ top, one signed book, one private yoga session and other attractive prizes.

Want a copy of Monetta’s book?

‘Yoga with Aunty Mo’ can be purchased on Amazon, kiosk number three in the Daher building in Vieux Fort and directly from Monetta.

For more info or contact the author: 489-9079.

 (More) About Monetta

Monetta is a yoga alliance registered experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 200) and continuing education provider (YACEP).  She owns and operates Sayana Yoga in St. Lucia. She also teaches at several resorts in St. Lucia, gyms and privately in clients’ homes.

The yoga instructor has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine and Environmental Sciences and also has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Policy.

Monetta is the proud winner of the 2015 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce.

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