Youth Speaks – Quantity over Quality?

Doing something for a long period of time does not necessarily mean you would be better than someone doing it for a lot less time. In other words, having more experience does not make you better at doing the job. According to Wikipedia, experience is the knowledge or mastery of an event or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it. Therefore, it would be fair to say that, if no knowledge has been gained, then there is no experience. Yes, experience serves a great purpose, but the approach and required amount of years in most cases are ridiculous.

Do you think it is sane to let a better qualified individual go because they lack “experience”? With the fast-changing world we live in, do you think that someone who has been working to meet the required 10 years of experience, would work better than someone who has spent that same 10 years improving their qualifications? Some may argue that experienced workers would have a certain level of maturity and that they would fit in with the business quickly, as they have been exposed to the tasks and environment. However, I see it as a cheap excuse to avoid paying for the training required for the inexperienced yet more qualified workers.

Today, mostly everything is on the basis of “who you know” and “who knows you”. Consequently, we have persons doing things not because they want to do it, but just because they want to eat and they were given the opportunity. With experience we are supposed to become wiser. On the contrary, we find persons with years in, making the same mistakes they were making on the first day. These individuals continue practicing the wrong thing for years. Do you consider that experience?

If you ask me, it sure cannot get better than a well-qualified and experienced individual. Employers, however, pay so much attention to the experience, forgetting that they need to see who is better qualified. Years of experience does not make you better at doing anything, hence, employers should reduce the amount of years of experience required for certain roles. Why pick years over qualifications? Why pick quantity over quality?

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