Youth Speaks – Sporting Talents Going To Waste?

It is really painful how much our sporting talents go to waste here in Saint Lucia. I too, have suffered from the improper training and sporting approach. It is a bit more evident, that those in authority are trying to better the young and talented sportsmen and women, by sending them out on scholarships and other initiatives. The initiatives taken are incredible initiatives and experiences, especially for the fortunate individuals. However, why can’t they do better here too?

In most cases, you find clubs or individuals training only for the upcoming competition. So, if there’s no competition, then there is no need to better yourself? In other cases, we have individuals training year round with no signs of improvement. It could only be one of two things: either you’re not practicing the right thing or that sport really isn’t for you.

The hardest part is finding the talent or gift that you have in a certain sport. And, it is obvious that we have the talents. Why must we send them away to do better? Well, yes, I must agree that the grass is greener on the other side; there are a lot more resources and better opportunities. But, why can’t we get a lot more and even better resources and coaches or coaching strategies?

In my opinion, while we are only sending a few out, the other capable and talented ones are here suffering. Some sports get little to no attention, such as basketball. It would be a more prosperous idea to send our coaches out to learn the proper strategies and styles. Furthermore, we should look into getting proper resources or coaches rather than focusing on some irrelevant projects. If we improve our own, then there is no reason to send the talents away.

After improving our sports facilities and programmes, there would most likely be an increase in the amount of scholarships being given, as the sportsmen would receive proper training, hence, performing better. This increase would result from the performances of not only a few individuals, but majority of the talented ones.

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