As a child, I loved to argue and always thought I was “right.”

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Rae Anthony

As a child, I loved to argue and always thought I was “right.” When I entered adulthood I recognized that I could not possibly be right about everything; still, I loved hanging it over people’s heads when I was.

I hated being wrong and even worse, I hated apologizing for it. As I grew older, however, I realized that I would have to get off my high horse.(It’s so easy to climb, but the jump down is always daunting,isn’t it?)

I have not perfected the art of not being right all the time, but most times, I graciously acknowledge when I’m wrong.

As an adult, I’ve also learnt that sometimes, remaining silent, or remaining calm, is better, even in difficult situations, rather than shouting or using a rude approach (even when you’re right.)

Even the Bible says “A soft answer turneth away wrath.” After trying it out for myself, I must say that God knows best.

This does not mean that you should always remain quiet, or refrain from shouting when you’re in an argument (“be angry and sin not”… boy oh boy, how I’ve sinned); the key is learning “when”—when to walk away, when to remain silent and when to agree with someone even when you’re right, for peace sake (yes, this is especially infuriating).

Sometimes we must accept defeat, even when we have not lost the battle and allow God to deal with something greater than us. Sometimes you may scream “but I’m right! You’re wrong!” and even then it seems like you’re talking to a wall.

Imagine dealing with a stubborn teacher, parent or boss, who refuses to accept that they are wrong, just because you’re the one who’s right. The mere thought of you being right can be unsettling. Even then, you can calmly attempt to show this individual why you are right. If the individual refuses to accept this however, refrain from yelling (even if you desperately want to!) and give it to God.

Sometimes it seems like God takes long to answer: forever and ever amen, or… never. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, however, and lean not onto your own understanding. In time, God will work in your favour. You won’t have to yell or remind persons that you are right, because when you pray, God will deal with it in His own perfect way and will give you a response you could have never imagined.

I’m learning to give things to God as I go along, because sometimes when we deal with things on our own, we just make a mess.

Take care my loves!


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