Ell’v: ‘Far from the Usual’ – Rapping Her Heart Out…

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It’s a new age and with it came a fresh wave of female rappers. Thanks to rappers like Nicki Minaj, and now, Cardi B, women can easily find a place in rap, a male-dominated field.

Rap’s gotten a serious make-over: playful candy-pop rap sounds and ‘mumble’ music have taken over the airwaves; it’s not embraced by everyone, but one thing is clear: the fans love it and streams and sales are through the roof.

Leovia Ell’v Augustin, a 17-year-old rapper from Millet, hopes to find her place in the rap game one day. The ‘F.L.Y. and Beautiful’ rapper has received strong criticism for her music, still, she is determined to get to the top, and brushes off thenegativity ‘haters’ direct her way.

According to Leovia who goes by Ell’V on stage, if Cardi B can make it, she certainly can.

“I started rapping again in 2017 when Cardi B started rapping. I used to rap before but then gave up on it because I’m from the Caribbean,” she shared in a YO! interview, adding that it is harder for artistes in the Caribbean to get discovered.

“When I saw what she used to do (the star was an exotic dancer) and how she is now, I said if she could do it, I could too,” she added.

Many Saint Lucians advised the rapper to turn to Soca, as local rap is not embraced as much as the aforementioned genre in Saint Lucia. Ell’V revealed that the lack of encouragement caused her to have low self-esteem at one point; now she’s more determined than ever and believes that she can conquer any obstacle she may encounter.

Bullying is not new to her—the rapper shared that she was also bullied in secondary school.

“People always used to tell me things like ‘you’re ugly’; I just wanted to rap about my whole experience,” she said.

Her confidence is ‘next-level’—when she’s rapping, she transforms entirely and according to her, rap gives her a feeling like no other.

Recently the teen participated in the ‘758 Most Talented Teen’ Pageant and shocked the audience when she performed her rap single (‘F.L.Y. and Beautiful’) in the talent segment. It was a daring move, but Ell’Vwanted to do what she’s best at; the rapper was well-received by the audience, who cheered her on throughout her performance.

She loves being on stage more than anything—whether it’s rapping, acting or walking across a pageant stage, she loves it all and shared that she looks forward to doing more.

‘Paper,’ her debut single received mixed reviews; still, an unstoppable Ell’V believes that her hard work will pay off.

She fits right in the new age and fans of the new wave of female rappers most likely, willembrace her sound.

Put her on a sick beat and she’ll deliver—she’s got ‘big’ talk for a ‘small’ rapper and it definitely works for her.

The artiste plans on releasing her mix-tape soon so you can definitely look out for that!

She’s not doing all the work on her own however. Local Soca artiste Tk Da Boss enhances her material for a “more professional sound.”

“He really motivates me and shows me a lot,” she said.

The artiste hopes that she will rise to the top of the rap game in the future and also hopes to own her own clothing line someday.

And according to her, she thinks “anyone can be a rapper if they put their mind to it; practice, make sure that you’re very confident and alsobe prepared for criticism.”

Ell’V is ‘F.L.Y. and beautiful’ and one thing’s for sure: she’s ‘far from the usual.’

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