Gideon’s ‘Broken Heart’

Image of Gideon Alcide

Gideon Alcide

Gideon Alcide is a young musician who hails from the community of Choiseul in the small island of St Lucia. His musical journey got underway at the tender age of eleven. It all started when his father handed him and his brother a guitar, and with their interest peaked, they both taught themselves to play the instrument. Soon, Gideon was playing the guitar at his local church, a decision that helped shape his passion for music and nurtured his experience in the art-form. Today Gideon is a professional guitarist. But apart from playing the guitar, he is also a singer and songwriter.

Currently, Gideon is employed as a musician in the cruise industry. When he was growing up, if you had asked Gideon what he wanted to be, he would have said an architect. But with the love of music already embedded in him, that desire was soon replaced and the desire to become a musician amplified. He consistently practiced, listened to different genres of music and fitting advice from industry greats. He fell in love with blues music with John Mayer as one of his idols.

Gideon recently produced a single called “’Broken Heart’. His inspiration to produce this song came from personal experiences, which many listeners can possibly relate to. He is now working on his album which is set to debut in January of 2019.

When he is not working on his music, Gideon can be found at the gym. Like many fitness fanatics, he strongly believes in keeping fit.

Gideon has been travelling the world doing what he loves best, creating and playing music! He fully intends to continue pursuing his musical journey and remains ambitious and upbeat about the future. He believes that his journey has only just begun!

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