‘Lucian Child’: A Recipe for Success

Image of Marvin Malon Joseph

Marvin Malon Joseph

Marvin Malon Joseph is a go-getter. When life gives him lemons, he’ll make the best lemonade ever (and possibly a new facial scrub.) Entrepreneur and Christian, Malon is known for his terrific homemade products and undeniably blessed hands.

One who is determined to be the best that he can be, Malon, a former member of the hotel industry, has tried his hand at everything. Still, nothing seemed to work out—until ‘Lucian Child,’ a homemade skincare line, geared at making individuals feel and look their best.

“I tried a lot of stuff before,” the entrepreneur said, adding that he even opened a restaurant at one point.

“I used to make magnets with sand and stones as well and it was going like hot bread,but one of the chemicals was really strong to inhale so I didn’t want to keep doing it,” he added.

He tried selling slippers, but although persons liked it, that too, did not bear fruit.

“Before I left my old job I asked my wife to make soaps,” he said, also informing me that he wanted his wife to take on a new hobby then.

“I’m always browsing the internet, looking at videos and getting ideas, so I bought everything that she needed to make it and I gave it to her. She made it once, it didn’t come out well and it’s like the whole world crashed,” Malon said, recalling how it all started.

“I got disappointed so I said I’m not doing this again,” his wife, Jenna Joseph, who sat next to him during our interview, said.

It was an amusing story and they were happy to share their old memories.

“It was soft and oily. I get disappointed very easily so if I feel like I put my best into this and it came out like that,forget it,” the wife, Malon’s business partner, said, laughing at the memory at the same time.

Image of Marvin Malon Joseph & wife Jenna Joseph

Marvin Malon Joseph & wife Jenna Joseph

Later, she would take on the challenge again, after learning that a fellow church member had tried her hand at soap-making and was successful.

“We actually gave the neighbour some of the soap we made. It didn’t come out as firm as normal soap but it was still usable. A couple of months after, we were talking about soap in church and she told me she tried it and it was firm. I asked her what she did differently and she introduced me to a soap calculator,” his wife said.

“When we did it the first time we didn’t use one and the soap calculator is actually what made the soap perfect. When she told me about it I told my husband if ‘Sister’ is doing it I’m going to try it again,” she added.

Her husband teased her about it, but she was determined to start all over.

“He said I wanted to do it again, as I saw the neighbour doing it,” she said, her sense of humour kicking in then.

The next attempt, still, was not the best.

“I thought she would really continue, but she didn’t, so I said I’ll just go into it. I started making some small batches and she went to work with it. Her team members used it and they liked it;someused it on their children and it helped with eczema and different skin problems,” Malon shared.

Later, hetravelled, and his soap-making aspirations grew.

“We went to the ‘States’ and I went to some of the soap shops. I was so amazed to see the variety they had and all the scents you inhaledwhen you walked in the shops; it motivated me to do more. When you’re here in Saint Lucia, you see so little—that’s what you know. When you go out there and you see much more,your mind opens.I said to myself I want to have a shop like that. I don’t know where yet, I don’t know if it would be possible, but that’s the aim,” he shared.

“We used to make plain soaps and then after we were checking out the different herbs we have here: we have the neem, moringa, ginger, gliricidia and more, so we researched their benefits and then we started to focus on these. My husband expanded our business: we moved from soaps only and started to do scrubs as well, teabags, creams and hair grease,” his wife said.

Lucian Child Natural Products has received fantastic reviews online, from countless customers, who have seen“amazing results.” The husband and wife (naturally) use their products as well, and both have smooth, radiant skin.

“A lot of the herbal stuff is better than the chemical stuff. The chemical stuff may look nice and smell nice because it has the name behind it, but then it damages us even more so that’s mainly why we focus on using natural stuff,” his wife added.

‘Lucian Child’ also does personalized soaps and caters for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and baby showers and sell their products wholesale as well.

The company ships their products all over the world, so now you can gift loved ones overseas with a homemade product that was created with them in mind.

Malon and Jenna Joseph have found the recipe for success. Both Seventh Day Adventists, they have been married for seven years and according to Jenna, “from the time we started making soaps, it has maybe 2-3 years we’ve never bought soap in a shop!”

Want Lucian Child’s Natural Products?

Locations: In the Boulevard between Scotia Bank and A.F. Valmont (in the alleyway), on Brazil Street next to Sea Town Restaurant (at FJB Events and Rentals—a pink building), at the Craft Market, where Country and Western dances were held (right next to the steps). Products can also be found at Car Laundry Car Wash next to the Volney Gas Station in the north of the island. (‘Lucian Child’ will be coming to Vieux Fort soon.)

Instagram: @malonj18

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Tel: 717-8638

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