Melanie Tobierre: Artist, Teacher, Decorator

Image of Melanie Tobierre

Melanie Tobierre

A pale room can be transformed in minutes with the right décor, and even with a small budget one can see great results. With the right creative director, nothing is impossible.

Say hello to Melanie Tobierre an event stylist/decorator from Vieux Fort. This 26-year-old can make any event memorable, with her unique designs.

Although she’s only been a decorator for less than a year now, Melanie’s talent always lied within.

“I always liked to draw and explore my artistic side but then I kind of let that go for a while,” she said to me in an interview on Tuesday.

“Because I teach (Visual Arts and Theatre Arts) I got back into it and that’s when I decided I can do all of the stuff that I see. I always dreamed about having my own business and decorating for weddings, so that’s how I started,” Melanie, also a teacher at Augier Secondary School and owner of ‘Elite Events’,added.

She loves expressing herself through her creativity and says that she likes “taking something that looks like junk and changing it into something completely different.”

According to her, “That’s what I do. I try my best to create something beautiful within anybody’s budget, so you’re getting really great work and you’re also getting it at an affordable rate.”

The decorator wants her business to be known for its sophistication and her work is certainly a reflection of that.

A fashion lover and a go-getter, Melanie recently took a garment construction course at the National Enrichment and Learning Unit (NELU).

“I finished the course in July. The main reason why I took the course is because I knew it was going to help me with my business, because when you do event decorating, you have to do a lot. I had a whole bunch of cloth that I had bought and I was not about to pay somebody to make all those curtains for me! I said I’m going to take the course as it cannot be that hard. From there, I made my own curtains for my business. Everything that I have I basically sewed,” she said grinning.

Describing her journey so far, she said, “It’s been great. It started off a little hectic but now I’ve gotten used to it.I learnt from my first experience which was a dinner and from every other event that I’ve done; I’m getting there.”

Image of Melanie Tobierre

Melanie Tobierre

In the future, she hopes to “have a garden or a place of my own where I could host weddings, and more. That’s kind of what I want my business to turn into,” she shared.

Her creativity does not stop there however. (In fact it’s just the beginning!)

Melanie also makes spot on piñatas for various events, which kids absolutely adore— ‘Dora The Explorer’,‘Spiderman’, ‘Ben 10’—she does them all.

“I started them a few years ago—I used to do them for my little cousins. Every time their birthdays would come around they would ask me to make one of their favourite characters, so that’s how I started. I was always creative so it just came automatically I guess,” she explained.

She continued: “I’m an artist as well. When people know you’re creative, they get you involved in every single thing that’s creative; they’d ask me to do face painting, balloon animals and more. I’ve done a lot.”

It’s no surprise that she’s this creative, however. Her family members are just as talented.

“My grandfather will take wood and old wheels and he’ll make you a scooter. He always used to make us little things to play with and would take junk from around the place and make stuff with it, so I think that’s where I got it. My sister decorates cakes as well,” she said.

As for teaching, she loves it. Surprisingly, it wasn’t her chosen path.

“I’ve been a teacher for five years” she shared, adding that she got the job after a friend recommended her.

“I love the fact that I get to educate students and I get to be a role model to them. A lot of the time, we have students who come in with a lot of issues so I just try to be there for them. That’s what I enjoy most about it—for me it’s not just a job. I try to build a relationship with them,” she said.

Juggling numerous jobs can be challenging, still, Melanie loves it all.

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