Sometimes we are so consumed by our minor problems

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Rae Anthony

Sometimes we are so consumed by our minor problems that we fail to realize that others are going through situations that are worse than ours.

Many of us complain about the simplest things: slow Wi-Fi, not having enough money, when we recently shopped our hearts out, a drink not being cold enough, not liking a gift we received… you get the gist.

Earlier this week I was sitting on a bus when I noticed that all passengers’ eyes were glued to the woman in front me. I thought maybe it was coincidental and nothing was wrong, but even then I knew something was off.

I dismissed my thoughts and focused on the music in my ears when I realized that something was obviously wrong with the woman ahead of me.

“She’s probably crying,” I thought to myself, and I removed my headphones so I could find out more about what was going on. I heard a snuffle and it was then I realized that this woman was truly hurting.

I thought about rubbing her back to comfort her, but I wasn’t sure how she would respond. I decided to pray for her then as it is the best thing anyone can do.

As I got off the bus, I listened closely to the conversations around me, to see if I could learn more about the stranger’s situation.

Seconds after, I heard “his bail was revoked,” and I realized how awful she must have felt.

Some may say that the stranger’s loved one probably ‘called’ the situation on himself/herself, nonetheless, others were deeply affected in the process. (Unfortunately, some individuals don’t give thought to how their actions can affect those around them.)

Many of us are fortunate to live easy lives, but for some people life is just the opposite. It’s easy to complain when we’re living comfortable lives—I, too, was a big fan of complaining but then I realized that God, no doubt, is unhappy with this behaviour.

So many of us are blessed and constantly take these blessings for granted. If God wasn’t the God that He is, many of us would no longer be where we are today. Still, we must refrain from taking God’s love for granted.

I will admit that I have not stopped complaining about trivial matters altogether, but I have improved considerably. Whenever I fall short, I remind myself that there are those in worse situations than mine, who would exchange their problems in a heartbeat, if they had the chance to.

I was making my way to the office sometime last week, when I noticed a man on all fours, face down on a court in the blazing sun. I wondered about whether he was praying, or thought perhaps he was focused on something on the ground, but thought it was unlikely. I prayed for him then, because only God knows what he was doing.

Many of us are blessed. Let’s start counting our blessings.


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