Asari: Ready for 2019

Image of an Asari costume

Photo by Island Designs

It’s official: the season is on! Asari Tribe recently unveiled their costumes for 2019 and carnival babies couldn’t be more thrilled. The first band to launch for 2019, Asari revealed their new line of costumes at ‘JQ Fashion Fusion’ on Saturday December 1, on the Rodney Bay Strip.

Times have certainly changed. Gone are the days when carnival band launches would take forever. Last year, Fuzion Mas kicked off the season in December; this year, however, Asari beat the band to the punch.

Naturally, the costumes were risqué. After all, what’s carnival without over-the-top costumes?“Les Perdus” was a colourful explosion: pink, purple, yellow, blue, orange, brown, black and red costumes took over the never-ending runway and attendees looked on curiously as models sashayed the stage.

Walking to infectious Soca songs, they wowed the audience with their confident walks and dazzling smiles as flashing lights greeted them at the end of the runway.

Asari ensured carnival made its way into the Christmas season, their gift to revellers. Naughty or nice—that would be up to them.Both would be rewarded and they had many costumes to choose from.

Those who love ‘drama’ will welcome the large angel-like back pieces and those who prefer simpler costumes will surely be grateful for the toned down versions.

Local designers are also getting the chance to showcase their costume-making skills and this year, Taribba Joan do Nascimento (Même Bête) and up-and-coming designer Jemima Harrigan (House of Jem) are part of the Asari Tribe. The designers partnered with the band to bring a unique touch to Saint Lucia carnival and from the looks of it, things are certainly going as planned.

And now that the band has launched, revellers can book their spot early ‘o clock!

Formerly ‘Dynasty Carnival Band,’ the new and improved band is taking revellers on an unforgettable journey for 2019 carnival. According to the band, “Les Perdus-The Lost Ones” will take revellers “back in time, as we rediscover those long gone and often forgotten. Let us find our roots and break into a new era. We are the uprising of those buried in the sands of time, we are The Lost Ones.”

JQ Fashion Fusion had a lot to offer. The fashion show also showcased various looks from stores in the mall including looks for the Christmas season. Artistes’ also entertained the large audience with sweet local tunes.

After a two year hiatus, JQ Fashion Fusion is back!

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