Building a Successful and Cost-Efficient Business with Simply Innovative Solutions

Image of Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams

A St. Lucian technology company is opening new frontiers in security and asset management designed to help Caribbean companies enhance their operational processes and reduce the cost of doing business.

Simply Innovative Solutions, which was established in 2016, was founded by Kevin Williams. The company has partnered with Virtual Doxx and 1st Choice Security Solutions, Inc., two leading U.S. RFID technology providers, to offer businesses in St. Lucia and the wider region affordable access to state-of-the-art RFID-enabled asset tracking systems and automated database search management solutions suitable for a broad range of industries. St. Lucian chartered accountant, Ivan Augustin and his wife Jennifer Leid Augustin, a sales management executive, are Williams’ business advisors.

Williams’ company was thrust into the limelight after he became a finalist in ‘Get in the Ring’, a global competition that showcases the innovation and economic viability of business start-ups by talented young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs from around the world. The St. Lucia leg of the competition was hosted earlier this year by Chamber of Commerce affiliates, Saint Lucia Junior Achievement and the Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic waves to identify and track tags attached to objects, which contain electronically-stored information that can be transmitted on demand. The technology is rapidly replacing the old barcode technology of tracking inventory in businesses across North America and Europe, as well as Africa and Asia. It is used for automated management and tracking of documents, consumer products, vehicles and a host of other items.

“Through our partnership with Virtual Doxx and 1St Choice Security Solutions Inc. Simply innovative Solutions has become their official representative in the region,” says Williams. “They provide the RFID technologies that we offer and when they come over to install the systems, we help them with the installation and the training, as well as the software design for the client.”

Williams’ company recently signed a major deal with the Grenada Ports Authority for the installation of a bus terminal RFID tracking system for the Port of St. George’s.

Their RFID system not only allows companies to track their vehicles in real time, it can also help them improve employee accountability and monitor products through the entire supply chain. .

“We install the devices on the vehicles. They can be tracked in real time by simply login into the system and clicking on the registration number of that vehicle to see exactly where it is. If the driver has an unauthorised person driving the vehicle, for example a friend or a spouse, you can detect this by simply checking the system. There are other options, for example if you just need the application to ping at certain points to periodically check on your vehicles,” Williams explained. The system can also help to curb vehicle theft, he added.

“Presently the rate of vehicle theft in St. Lucia is at an all-time high. The thieves have no hesitation stripping your vehicle right in front of your home or business place and you wouldn’t know it until you woke up the next morning and see just the shell. That’s where our system comes into play because anybody who tries to tamper with a vehicle on the system, you would immediately get a notification alerting you. We can provide the customer with an app that you can download to your phone to receive these notifications,” says Williams.

A firm believer in the efficacy of the vehicle tracking solutions his company offers, Williams is equally proud of their RFID file tracking system.

Notably, because RFID file management systems allow data to be collected in real time and transmitted instantly, a number of disaster relief organizations around the world have been using them for the deployment of rescue personnel, search and rescue operations, emergency logistics and the transfer of injured and trapped victims, and to improve the efficiency of such operations.

Among the benefits to be gained from doing business with Simply Innovative Solutions is that they give their clients the option of storing their data in cloud-based servers to ensure maximum security and confidentiality.

“Our clients have the option of storing their data on local servers. However, there are risks in doing so, such as susceptibility to natural disasters – or even a fire, as in the case of the Folk Research Centre. A company could lose all of its information stored on local servers. We generally advise our customers to use our cloud-based servers so that no matter what happens, they can still have access to their data.

For Williams, Simply Innovative Solutions is not just about making money. Calm and self-assured, he speaks with the prescience and concern of a pundit who sees clearly the daunting challenges confronting St. Lucian businesses, and the bold steps they will inevitably have to take if they wish to remain relevant in a fiercely competitive and technologically advanced global marketplace. As a result, he wants to ensure that the services they offer are customizable and affordable as possible.

“We offer free consultations and work with our customers to determine exactly what they need. We give them the sort of system we believe will work for them. It doesn’t make any sense to us whatsoever to offer one generic system when that system isn’t for everyone. We just don’t believe this is the right way to go.

Williams was full of praise for his business advisors, Ivan and Jennifer Leid Augustin whom he credits with helping to set the business on a firm footing and make it a company that is one hundred percent customer-focussed, with a team that is highly professional.

“They’ve been very supportive and assist with various aspects of the business. They’ve truly been a great help,” he added.