Dare to dream…

“Dare to dream.” Throughout my secondary school years, guest speakers encouraged my fellow classmates and I to dream big.

Many famous and successful individuals had the ‘audacity’ to step into the unknown, before they were celebrated. Many persons laughed at these individuals for having aspirations that were bigger than themselves and constantly told them they would “never make it.”

Often in Saint Lucia, we hear things like “You will never be a Hollywood actress;” “You want to be like the creator of Facebook? You must be mad!”—we’ve heard it all. For many people here, the mere thought of someone from Saint Lucia becoming famous is absurd. Funny thing—many famous people were told the same thing.

Many times our friends and family members put us down; strangers, too, laugh in our faces sometimes, when we dream out loud. Many don’t hesitate to tell us that we will fail either; in their minds, failure is certain and there will simply be no other outcome.

Many successful individuals have dared their fans to dream big and some have even said “if your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”

My aspirations are ridiculously big and I’m definitely not sorry about it. I offer no apologies for wanting to be the best that I can be.

Note that individuals will try to strip you of your confidence or will constantly discourage you. You might even start to believe those naysayers who, most times, never pursued their own aspirations.

If you have a passion, pursue it and when a million persons tell you you can’t, find a million reasons to prove them wrong.

Sometimes doors won’t open on their own; reach out and grab the handle. Sometimes, you’ll need to find a crack in the wall, or enter through a window—do not lose yourself in the process however. Those who work hard and obtain things the right way will always be rewarded, but those who do the opposite, will crumble eventually.

Remember: your dream is “a leap away”.

“In order to get to, you have to go through. Everyone has a dream of a better life but it’s up to me to bring mine to life. No matter where you come from, but where you’re going; you just have to believe. Letting go of pride and everything will follow, put all doubt aside and believe in tomorrow; pressing onward, never backward, ah heading to the top, please don’t wake me up now.”— Teddyson John, ‘Dreaming.’

Dare to dream! Remember if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough!

Have a good weekend my loves and be encouraged.

Rae A.

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