Happy Holidays readers!

Happy Holidays readers! This is truly one of the best seasons, in fact, Christmas time is my favourite time of the year. It is a time when we get to spend with family and friends, spread some good cheer and yes take time to reflect on the meaning of the celebration that is Christmas. We must never forget, regardless of the commercialization that it has become, the reason why rejoice on that December day. The birth of our saviour must never be forgotten around this time.

As sad as it may seem, some of our citizens have forgotten all together, the meaning of Christmas. In less than a week, our police have been actively answering the call of shootings taking place around the island. The cloud of harmony that I would hear my parents and grandparents boast about hasn’t been looming over our heads for quite some time. The constant chatter about house to house and helping the neighbour finish that last glass of sorrel and slice of ham is beginning to sound more like folktales as opposed to reality.

As a result of senseless violence, two children will for the first time in their life wish everyone except their mother a Merry Christmas. While we were joining our Caribbean neighbour Jamaica in celebrating the release of BujuBanton in time for the holidays, we have families right here wishing for another moment with their son, father and uncle. All of these violent acts occurred in a period where we are supposed to be a little bit more caring, loving, and not to sound corny here, jolly. Is this the Saint Lucia we want to ring in the year of 2019 in?

We can’t afford to have our citizens living in fear. Displaying a little kindness goes a long way in quelling any dispute. The act of turning the other cheek often allows you and whoever the aggressor is an opportunity to talk things over, allowing calmer heads to prevail.  So for this Christmas, I don’t want to get my head bad, bad, bad; no, I want to implore everyone to bring that Christmas spirit that the parents and grandparents beamed about. Bring back the love, we have no snow here so there is no need to have such a frozen heart towards each other.

That’s my Christmas wish for 2018, what’s yours?

Happy Holidays everyone and see you in 2019 God willing.

Scady. P

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