I listened as a stranger shared his life story passionately

Rae A.

Last week I listened as a stranger shared his life story passionately. He had been in trouble most of his life and after being part of yet another negative act recently, he admitted that he was playing a losing game and accepted defeat.

He had finally come to realize that his poor life choices just weren’t paying off and that for him, the clock was ticking faster.

There was something about him that drew my spirit to his. After hearing his story, I urged him to turn his life around, telling him that this doesn’t have to be how his story ends. I told him that nothing was impossible with God, but for God to work on his behalf, he had to turn his life around. (I truly hope he does.)

I reminded him that he had so much to live for and also stressed that he’d have an amazing testimony to share in the future if he chose the right path.

I shared this story with you as I want you to know that it’s never too late to change for the better. It may seem that way but all that is required is for you to recognize your mistakes and decide in that moment that you will change. The journey to recovery will be hard— at times unbearable. Your mistakes will follow you at times as we must face the repercussions of our actions.

If you have wronged someone, try to make it right. Ask God for guidance and remember that nothing is impossible with Him. God can change your life around if you let Him; allow Him to use you for the better. Like I told the young man, his way of life is only sending him closer to his grave but if he turns his life around, there truly is hope for him. If it is God’s plan to remove him from this earth even after he’s changed, at least he can leave this earth, knowing He did the right thing and there is no greater comfort.

Many times we make mistakes and others crucify us for it. Thankfully, however, God accepts us as we are. It is up to you to show individuals that you can be who they thought you’d never be. Many persons right here in Saint Lucia have stories like yours and managed to come out on the other side. Never be afraid to ask for help or guidance; I’m sure these individuals would love to help as they’re familiar with what you’re going through. That manager at the bank, pastor or farmer you see every day, or know very well, just may be kinder than you imagined.

Ask them how they did it: how they became successful and what you can do. Ask them how they conquered their demons. Don’t let one bad response or a few bad responses deter you—you are doing this for yourself! Remember many successful persons had many doors slammed in their faces before they made a name for themselves.

Have a good weekend my loves.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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