Make Sure You Eh Brokes In January Please and Thanks

Lucians they tired of warning your’ll already: doh spend all your’ll money on Christmas and Asou Square, next ting your’llcyah eat when the celebrations finish. We’re entering 2019 with wisdom and Christmas leftovers, but here’s what we’re not gonna do: do marjee with ourselves.

Make a list or a budget early so you’ll be alright in January. Y’all know us Lucians already, around Christmas time we like to get carried away in the supermarket and when we’re done shopping we like to quarrel and tell the cashier she’s moving too slow. When you’re putting things in your trolley for Christmas, make sure you put 10 pongs of rice and 20 packets of ramen for the guava season that’s approaching.

Hide some money too so your kids can have Capri Sun and other things in their lunch kit in Januaryor  make sure you have sugar to put in the lime juice. Doh put the cart before the horse masiay.

Now Asou Squareis coming and y’all love to dress dongggg. Everybody running and get new clothes (although I eh know why). If you cyah afford it, recycle! Wear your old clothes, doh make nobody make you feel like you need new clothes in the New Year. Some of them have new clothes but they can barely eat or have to depend on people. Nah man, I like to eat nice too much!

Make sure your’ll pay your’ll bills too. Pay the landlord, pay Courts, pay Wasco and pay the neighbour you owe! (My Courts bill pay already, I eh have time to sleep.)Doh spend your bills money on malt and Shundy and when you finish you cyah pay.I don’t want to see people blasting y’all on Facebook cuzy’all eh paying them when y’all had a nice Christmas.

If you cyah get new curtains this year PUT IT BACK!!!!! Doh try and please Suzie when she was gossiping about you whole year rong. If she come at your home and tell you why you still have old curtains, tell her mind her business!!!! Dohbe afraid to say it. Too many of us like to please people and sometimes these same people hongry or owing how much people morney. Nah man, if you eh like my curtains, go at your home same speed, sar par blag.

If you can only buy mats this year, do that. If you can get new curtains, aa sis, all how! But if you can’t, doh force your hand. Remember you have to eat nice in January plus I sure you doh want to ask Suzie to borrow money later. The girl will have your name around the whole town in no time!

We like to say January is the worst month of the year and want it to be over as soon as it starts, but y’all eh budgeting right! If you budget right, you’ll squeeze just a little or not at all. Let’s not make the same mistakes we made last Christmas.

Now if you’re thinking of putting me on LooshanMeemes for my spelling, I DOH CARE! My teacher gave me an A and that’s all that matters! (They go fire Miss Maura soon anyway.)

By: Basic B

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