Quick, quick. Tap. Tap
Wait. Hold…indecision strikes
These dialogue boxes taunt me with interrupted thoughts
They carry a weight…impressions he got.
Warring ideas set to cut and paste
Deliberate words and calculated lines are mended in haste
Curious tones give way to ambivalence
Integrity is on the line and she’s on the fence
It’s all an ace in her mind,a perspective she’s rendered through time
Certain as can be before send, could she change his mind. It depends
One click away, one tick he’ll say. Blue here to stay.
Time rolls by after hit meets send
Then comes writings on the wall, “where were we again?”

Understanding is in a cloud hanging on to intent
Ready to spar but he’s at his wits end
Content nibbles his mind betraying a fierce pen
Ball’s in his court ready to volley again
No notion of delicacy, precision is his aim
With this much at stake …it’s Target, Shoot ..GAME!
Thumbs busy at work, will she understand?
He musters all his courage and enter meets his hand.
A quick run through and it’s out of his sight.
No mind to that matter, no dog in this fight.

Finally there’s a chime. It’s been read line for line
Contemplative mind in effect, a battle cry foreshadows what’s next.
Expressions are aligned in rows, thinking ” oh so that’s how it goes?”
This retort needs to be fire
Is it really how she sees it?Should she enquire?
Tentative at first, just for the benefit of the doubt
You meant so and so; “that’s not malice is it now?”
Await, she awaits…herself she debates…knowing it was a mistake.

Another one..
Questions all the time,
His fingers strain in rhyme
Delivered. Now girl, bye

By: Sadia Augustin

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