We Love The Dennery Segment But Support The Other Genres Too Uh!

Saint Lucians love Socabadddd. They love dancehall too but now we’re making way for the Dennery segment, the biggest ting since solo. (Ask your mudda about it!)Unfortunately for local artistes pursuing other genres (R&B, pop, rap, etc.) there just seems to be no place for them here in Saint Lucia.

These artistes are shelved, or hear their songs on the radio one time after begging a DJ or radio host to put it on, or after a kind-hearted DJ, host or employee did them a favour.

Now some of our radio hosts and DJs like to assume “Saint Lucians eh go listen to that.” Soooo, they’ll enjoy all the songs on ‘The Quiet Storm’ (shout out to Hot FM!) but they won’t listen to R&B music from Saint Lucia? Many are quick to say that the songs are nowhere as good but I beg to differ because I’ve heard some good music from many local rappers and singers (check out artistes like Rashaad Joseph, Kiz, Tori-Elle and Sikka then come back to me.)

Shout out to Lu City!! (“I say baby you deh drive me crazy, uh huh! Di mweh, di mweh, di mwehsaka fête!) Jean Atem and Ryiecame in with a dope new sound; DJs are giving them some serious airplay and I am here for it! Machel Montano spotted their talent from a mile away and if the king of Soca spotted it, you better jump on it too! Doh sleep, check out their latest release ‘Just Just.’

I also want to shout out CHOICE for giving our up-and-coming artistes a chance to shine. We cannot rely solely on the few outlets and persons who are giving these artistes a chance however: we need to do better!

Ask around and scout for local talent! I’m sure you’d be happy if you ‘buss’ somebody. We need to start putting these artistes in local shows. Shout out to my soca artistes and Dennery segment artistes (y’allbadddd) but we need the relevant persons to show love to the unknowns too!

Kudos to Arthur Allain for introducing the #ArthurAllainChallenge and giving so many budding artistes a chance to shine.Gasa that challenge was the real deal and I can’t wait for part two. Mind you, I want to participate too you know, doh feel it cold!

By: Basic B

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