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Yvane Aimee Agard

Yvane Agard has distinguished herself as a young Saint Lucian national in the field of Science. At the tender age of eleven, she succeededat the Common Entrance Examination placing second on the island and later attending the Saint Joseph’s Convent School and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. Her desire to pursue a career in the Science field started from her Alma Mater, the Saint Joseph’s Convent where she chose Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics among other subjects for the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) examinations. Yvane asserts that while she was never sure exactly what aspect of the science field she would specialize in, she always knew that her passion and desire lied in the Sciences.

Having pursued a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (major) at the University of the West Indies Cavehillcampus, graduating in 2015, she later went on to pursue a Master of Science in Drug Chemistry at one of the Russell group, Newcastle University. Yvane graduated from the prestigious University in 2017,distinguishing herself from her peers by graduating with “Distinction”. Needless to say, she remained steadfast in her pursuit of excellence and considered earlier in her career options, a path in Patent Law relating to Drug Chemistry. Notably, this area is not an area that is often explored, particularly by women and more so, women of colour. With this first “closed door” and set back, Yvane was determined to continue her pursuit of higher education in the field of Science.

Yvaneviews education as the main factor in keeping youth, especially young women engaged and confident in their abilities to succeed in the international arena. She contends that there must be a more flexible form of learning to engender confidence across a wide cross section of young people, for example, children with learning disabilities, and children who are more creative. “More creative children tend to not reach their full potential due to the lack of facilities and opportunities available to them,” she explained. Creativity needs to be encouraged in order to grow. She noted that the revision of the curriculum in schools is necessary to incorporate and foster a more creative skills set. She calls for a greater alignment of STEM subjects to business solutionsand Foreign Direct Investments considerations, including solutions for problems facing the society such as waste management, environmental issues etc. The need to utilise the skills and competences of ouryouth to foster a culture of innovation for the development of our country..

Outside of the academia,she volunteers her time with high-risk youth and orphans by providing mentoring and tutoring to them, with the hope of creating a better future for the Caribbean. She is passionate about changing the culture towards women in the region and hopes to create more opportunities for young Women in Science for a more diverse and resilient Caribbean economy.

In October 2018, , Yvane was the recipient of an international scholarship by the Government of Italy, to pursue a three (3) year Doctorate programme in Nanomedicine at the University of Verona. We would like to congratulate her parents, Ms. Yvonne Agard, Executive Director of the Saint Lucia Coalition of Services and a trailblazer in the development of the Services Sector in Saint Lucia and wider Caribbean,and her father, Mr. Anthony Modeste, a retired employee of LUCELEC, as well as her extended family who were instrumental in her growth and development, the Agard, Philgence and Goodridge lineage. We wish Yvane all the best in her future endeavours.

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