Introducing… XUVO!

Ladies and gentlemen, ‘XUVO’ is here.

After launching a series of memorable party events, Verve has taken their brand a step further with ‘XUVO,’ a new and promising carnival band.

The news was received with much excitement; devoted fans were eager to be a part of Verve’s next chapter and were counting down the days to the official launch.

Saturday, January 19, was a day to remember. After heavy promo, the costumes were revealed at the Pigeon Island National Landmarkand Verve easily won many over that night.

Partnering with some of the finest carnival designers (‘Fonrose’, Rawle Permanand, Rhion Romany and ‘Body B’) and another carnival band (‘Krave’) for an unforgettable debut, ‘XUVO’ certainly impressed with ‘Her Majesty,’ their theme forcarnival.

The costumes were to die for. ‘Trap Queen’s fiery orange and a confetti-like ‘Xujia’ immediately stood-out; a peacock-like ‘Negrasi’, sunny ‘Sultana’, gold-chained ‘Doll’, regal-like ‘Achilles’ (black and purple) and ‘Majesty’ (white and gold) were also show-stoppers.

Sun-kissed models put on a terrific show. Dancing to Kuduro and Soca music, they encouraged all to be a part of ‘XUVO’. Those who were mesmerized by their costumes, oiled waists and skilled moves were more than happy to announce that they were now part of #TeamXUVO.

After a successful launch, many attendees danced the night away, with 2019 carnival on their minds. There were many options to choose from and little time to decide. (If there’s one thing revellers have learnt, it’s this: time is no one friend during the carnival season.)

It’s the second carnival launch for the year (and third overall). From the looks of things, this year’s carnival is certainly going to have the ‘wow factor’, a ‘must’ for any carnival.

Verve means business, after all. Although they’re new to the carnival scene, the band definitely left its stamp that night. Verve is synonymous with many things—one of them? Greatness. And naturally, fans already are looking forward to the next Verve affair.

Carnival babies it’s almost your favourite time of year—are you ready? We certainly are.

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