Know His Name — The Story of Islands

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It’s not every day you meet a young man who is driven, focused and goal oriented as this young musician from Savannes Bay in Vieux-Fort. I mean, you will meet many who will put up the front of wanting to do whatever it takes to succeed in the harsh and unforgiving music industry, but how many can claim to saving their money and with the help of his supportive parents (who gave him part of their garage as space to live out his dream) investing near all of it into a state of the art recording studio?

Meet Clent “Islands” Mitchell, the twenty-year-old musician that stole the show at last month’s Caribbean Youth Fest competition. His professionalism onstage and meticulous attention to detail in his performance, painted a picture of a veteran at work; but according to Islands, Youth Fest was only his third performance before an audience and his first competition. “I normally perform for at least thirty people max at Sandals”, he informed us while quickly assuring that the mammoth crowd that Youth Fest normally garners didn’t faze him at all. “When I perform I go into that zone so it doesn’t even matter the numbers”.

Bursting with confidence, Islands participated in a heavily saturated Dennery Segment competition (no surprise as it is the hottest genre world wide) and he came prepared. The self-taught musician incorporated more than just the drums that are indigenous to the Dennery Segment; he added a bit of melodies and his own personal flare to his song “Know My Name” and when it was all said and done, his competitors as well as the audience all knew his name as he was crowned champion.

An elated manger, Dwight Aldonza, told us that the victory wasn’t what was most interesting, “his win isn’t the most fascinating aspect of his story, it’sthe fact that at twenty years old, he is the sole writer, producer and performer of the winning single ‘Know My Name.’ His proficiency with the guitar on stage is reminiscent of a young Carlos Santana and his vocals only complement his charisma and talent.”

A big complement made but Islands was quick to assure us that he would live up to the comparison. He has already taught himself to play the drums, piano and guitar and he also possesses some of the best vocals we’ve heard in his age bracket. Islands was full of praise for his parents with regard to his musical talents, informing us that his father was a founding member of the band Chant A Fire.

According to Dwight, “Islands is quite determined to create an impact both regionally and internationally through is music.Through the support of his family, he has already invested substantially into a home studio ‘The Audio Lab’ valued at well over $20,000.00 XCD.”

His work ethic knows no bounds and as a result he has had several run-ins with his mother who usually has to call him out of the studio to have dinner. “Twelve hour shifts are normal,” he said, revealing that he normally leaves the studio in the wee hours of the morning and is back again by 8:00a.m.

With a very promising career ahead, Islands is already looking to share the wealth of his knowledge and also grant access to his home studio to artistes of different genres who would like to work with him.

At present, Islands is living his life with no stress; his mother, she has already professed that people will know his nameso don’t be the last one to do so, and don’t be too shocked when he does pull up in that Range (especially with the management team he has looking out for him). Look out for the music video for his debut and winning single “Know My Name”.

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