Oshun Breaks It Down — Theme for 2019: Rise of the Orisha

Image of Oshun


“As I am launching my logo I take this opportunity to answer two questions I am usually asked. Why the name OSHUN? Why CALYPSO?”

In the Yoruba culture OSHUN is an Orisha responsible for love, peace, fertility and prosperity. Stories about this Goddess say she fights for humanity and defends the innocent and vulnerable. She is also a beautiful artist who enjoys performing. She is also part of nature. Being influenced by our Caribbean history on slavery and my complexion I came to the realization that I need to identify who I am correctly. Our Nation is influenced by many ethnic groups yet my soul gravitates closer to the Africans (Yoruba). I noticed that OSHUN and I shared the exact values and my plea has always been not to change. This is how I embraced OSHUN as my sobriquet. The logo is also inspired by her, the sunflower is one of her symbols.

Secondly there is a passion and compelling desire to respond to my heart and that of others. The Calypso stage is a platform that has allowed me that privilege. Many young people regard this territory as the seniors lime, although there might be justifiable reasons, I beg to differ. It allows one to freely express him/herself especially on social issues that plague our society. A lot of the debates and issues between seniors and juniors are as a result of poor communication skills, lack of understanding and no succession plan. I believe that we all can make meaningful contributions. I want to encourage youth to accept the challenge and let your voices be heard as well. Your attendance at a show, your involvement in a production and your effort to see change makes a big difference.

Don’t let doubt or circumstances stop you from breaking chains and embracing who you are. Be positive and persevere.

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