Save More $$$ with ‘Penny Pinch’ — A new website and app

Image of Martin Hanna

Martin Hanna

Martin Hanna’s brainchild, ‘Penny Pinch’ is undoubtedly the next best thing. A website and mobile application, ‘Penny Pinch,’soon, will make life easier for shoppers by helping them save more through coupons.

Here’s how it works, according to Martin, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of ‘Penny Pinch’: “Individuals can visit the website or download the app on their phones,where they could browse through a catalogue of coupons from different retailers in Saint Lucia, such as hotels, spas and stores.”

It’s a terrific idea. What’s the point of spending $120.00 on a dress or $1000.00 on hotel accommodation, when you can get it at a cheaper rate?

“It’s an untapped market in Saint Lucia and that’s why I came up with the idea to bring technology that already exists in first world countries such as, ‘Groupon’, and ‘RetailMeNot’ here,” he said.

A one-man army, he is determined to succeed and is giving ‘Penny Pinch’ his all.

After pitching his idea to various businesses, the 19-year-old is now moving forward with a number of them, to make shopping life better for all.

“I’m putting my full effort into it since it’s something that requires a lot of me,” Martin said, adding, “I came up with the name and logo and designed all the content.”

Many are excited for what’s in store.

“We had a pre-launch which happened on December 8, 2018 and gained over 1500 followers on Instagram. We even had a 12 days of Christmas giveaway where I partnered with 12 of the merchants that will be coming on board, to give away different prizes such as a spa treatment, a hotel night stay and a phone gift card,” he shared.

The CEO added: “My vision is to bring this platform to the entire Caribbean and hopefully get an international market within the platform.”

A past student of Castries Comprehensive Secondary School and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, the driven teen’s ‘Penny Pinch’ is full of promise and possibilities.

According to the Rodney Bay resident, “anyone” can use the website and app.

“You can even create an account and get notifications when new coupons come out,” he said.

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