So You Know He’s Abusing Your Child and You Eh Doing Nuffing?

Men, Stop Touching Our Children!!!!!

Mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunties, ‘neh-nens’…this PSA (public service announcement) is just for you and if the title of this article alone makes you uncomfortable or gets you annoyed, I have more news for you: it gets worse than this because the realiTEA/reality is these things have been going on for way too long. It’s time for you to stop ignoring the signs; it’s time for you to stop calling your daughter (or son) a liar and it’s about time that you KICK THAT GOOD FOR NOTHING OUT OF YOUR HOUSE! If this article alone doesn’t sway you, hopefully, the thought of karma coming full force for you will. (Don’t hate the individual who’s writing anonymously because she’s spitting the truth: I don’t make the rules.)

Many Saint Lucian women (and others) like to bring men into their households way too soon. (Tell me I’m lying!) Some women are desperately in need of love and intimacy and whilst there is nothing wrong with some TLC, it becomes a problem when women settle for any Tom, Dick or Harry and these Tom, Dick and Harrys force themselves on children, who do not deserve this hell. (Bordiays, God forbid any man touches my child…. Huhhhyaiyai….)

Two ‘Bright’ for 5 and $100 to “treat yourself” will have some women moving a man in even if they’ve only known him for three months or just met him last week! These same men will abuse them, cheat on them and abuse their children in various ways, but when you tell them that, they pretend like they don’t know a thing! All fathers, sons, and uncles aren’t innocent either.Having a child does not make every man a dad and mothers, sisters, daughters, etc. it is your job to look out for the signs. Children: If you tell your mother about a situation and she fails you, try telling another family member or friend you trust. You can visit or call organizations like PROSAF (Positive Reactions Over Secrets & Fears- Tel no: 724-9991, email: or Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia (Tel. no 4872329, email:

If you are currently being abused, do not stay quiet!!! These SICK men will try to silence you and threaten you because they know if you speak up, something will happen! Do not help them cover up their lies—we cannot afford to protect these SICK men anymore!! If you tell one person and they ignore/disappoint you, go to another!

Sometimes a stranger can do so much more than any family member or friend could. Use wisdom when sharing your secrets however and try to ensure that the individual is a trustworthy individual. To be safe, you can even say “I know someone who’s going through this, how can I help him/her?”

Parents/grown-ups: if your child or any other child is being abused, do what’s right and stand up for them. Like I said earlier, if you know of an existing problem, and you ignore it, doh forget: KARMA COMING FULL FORCE FOR YOU!!! Bordiay par car jway!!!!!!

By: Basic B

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