Students, students, STUDENTS!!!

Students, students, STUDENTS!!!! What is going on?! This is not how we planned on kicking off 2019. In less than a week, school boys have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The news first aired with the “gun posing” students in full uniform on social media.

The two who were lucky enough to have the school crest and face blocked off as to avoid them and their school further embarrassment naively posed for a cell phone photographer while clutching what appeared to be a hand gun and a shot gun. The claim was that these photos, although new to the media, were not new to the circles that surrounded the teens. Such assertions did nothing to lift the many mouths that had hit the floor in shock as the photos went viral.

But the horror didn’t stop there. No sooner had we caught our breath did another incident escalate. This time, a teacher was dragged into the melee as she clearly acting on impulse, in my opinion, defused a situation the best way she knew how.  Reports are that a student brought a fire arm to the school and during the course of the day reported it missing as he believed it was stolen. Of course he couldn’t say it was a gun, but, as things began to tense up he had no choice but to say what was missing.

To make a long story short, (no I’m not downplaying the severity of the situation) the firearm was retrieved and the student who had carried the weapon on to the school compound placed on suspension and as for the teacher, well, reports are that she is in some hot water as she returned the firearm to the student citing fears for her safety as well as her students (it was brought to our attention that the student in question had made some threats if the weapon wasn’t returned).

If these two stories have not been able to jolt some questions from you, this one should; because the islands latest gun related incident occurred inside of the busiest mall in the city of Castries. A gun shot pierced the afternoon air and no sooner had the incident occurred did we receive the video footage of a young man grimacing in pain on the floor.

Three gun related stories in less than a week, all putting our young men in the most negative spotlight. Our young men need to remember that they too have a significant role to play in the success of today’s society and if they are behind bars that role will not be fulfilled. As I conclude this weekend’s Slouch, I tap into the quote books of the legendaryMalcom X “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”  Come guys, pick up yourselves and do better, be the stand- out citizens we all know you can be, make the island proud to call you sons.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P