The start of a new year…

Image of Scady P The start of a new year always brings out the best and brightest wishes from our peers. The word resolution is almost cliché around the 31st of December and 1st  January of any given calendar year. It’s the time where we hope to start a fresh and complete goals we have set for our self during the next eleven months.

Some of us pick out a few daunting tasks to complete while others stick to a more realistic plan that they can complete within a reasonable amount of time and of course the desired work rate. However, lately it would seem that resolutions, are like promises; that is if you know the old saying – “promises are meant to be broken”.

The year is only at day number twelve and as laughable as it may sound, many people are already looking forward to January 1st 2020 as the year they will complete or stick to their New Year’s resolution. The most popular resolution, losing weight or hitting the gym, is forgotten on the third day of January like the rides that were once the highlights of Assou Square.

This made me brainstorm a little with a friend of mine. Why are we so eager to jump into a new year with all of those great ideas and plans, only to have them cast aside like a sack of potatoes?

Now, if you have friends like mine you know that before you get an answer, there is a long history class you have to attend. I will spare ya’ll the trip down memory lane though and get right into the belly of the beast.

Resolutions made without any thought or proper plan seldom yield results. That is because you hardly envisaged the struggles one will face on the road to change. So while it may sound exciting to lose 15 pounds by July or hit the gym with your friends every three days in the week, you never allocated the struggle it would be for you to change your eating habits or wake up early every morning to do the weekly pump.

I do have good news though, it’s not too late to properly plan your New Year’s resolution. In fact, you can take the entire weekend to put together your success plan for 2019; and guess what? It doesn’t have to be working out, losing weight or becoming rich. It can be something as simple as being nice to your neighbour.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady P .

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